Social Networks - A Job Seekers Disaster

In the last few year since Myspace launched it's social network more and
more social networks have begun to appear on the web. These websites have become more and more popular to teenagers as well as GEN-Y whom are just entering the work force and are starting to make up more and more of the workplace as the baby-boomers begin to retire.

You'll see some of the most insane and disrespectful things on Myspace, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Especially the pictures that people use on their profiles and the screen names they use as well. Myspace could almost be labeled as a "soft porn" site due to the content that the members post. If you are one of those members that owns a profile with the "carnal" or "obscene" screen name or pictures would you want the hiring manager at the job you are trying to get see your profile? If you don't have obscene pictures or an abusive screen name would you still want your potential boss to see your profile? Is there something on your profile you'd rather your boss not see?

If your answer is yes then you need to immediately log in to your Myspace, Facebook, or whatever social network site you are a member of and clean up your profile. It is becoming more and more popular for employers to look at personal profiles on the web and use these as a means to screen applicants. I honestly don't agree with this method, but employers are doing this more and more and to tell you the truth if my employer went to my Myspace profile I wouldn't be the least concerned because I have nothing to hide.

You should be as of little concern with your boss seeing your profile as I am and if you are concerned you need to remove all the "incriminating" evidence now! Facebook and Myspace can be a total disaster for a job seeker if you're putting the wrong type of content on the web. This also goes for your personal blog(s) too. If you must have a blog with personal information in it make sure it is completely private from the web where only you and maybe a few trusted friends or family members can view it's contents.

Job Barring Content Examples:

  • Any semi-nude or nude pics (You at the beach in a bikini is ok as long as it's in good nature)
  • Drunken pics
  • Pics of you smoking marijuana or doing drugs
  • Pics of marijuana plants or other drugs
  • Pornographic pics
  • Abusive screen names
  • Negative blog content of you bashing your previous employers
  • Negative blog content about your personal life
  • Pics of you doing something illegal or dangerous (jack-ass stunts for example)
If your mother wouldn't approve, then your boss will more than likely not approve of it either!
Don't let your online profile destroy your chances of landing a great job or getting you fired from your current one! Clean it up and keep it professional. If not professional then keep it PG-13. Try to make your profile reflect the image you want to people to see you as at work.

Happy Hunting Tampa!

Samara Bowling

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