3/3/08 Some more background on my recruiting experience

First I want to thank those that commented and offered me help in learning how to be successful in recruiting. You can expect my call sooner or later. To give you a little background, I started my recruiting career on day 1 at the Ranch with Peter Lefkowitz. I got lots of information some of which made sense, but most of which I could not relate to having never experienced anything in recruiting. I work for an old friend of mine who has been in the business for about 17 yrs. He has been pretty successful and I have the utmost respect for his methods and expertise. He and I both are managerially challenged. We both hate managing people. I have also attended a rookie training session with Danny Cahill. I got a lot more out of that session because I had been in the business for about 7 months when I attended that training. I've also been trained through video and personal coaching by Scott Love. I like his methods and they work for me. As you can see my boss has taken care of me well as far as training. Now I need to produce for him.

I have made 2 placements so far. Actually 2 halves. The first was a job order provided by my boss's client, I found the candidate and he was hired. The second was a client that I obtained through MPC calls and CM, the owner of the company, found the candidate. This was ok because we wanted to get a great candidate quickly, CM is very good at that. So now I am in the process of making MPC calls and trying to generate some more job orders. I did have some success with a call I made last week. It looks as though we are on the way to a JO.

One of my problems that I have been working to overcome with MPC calls is that I worry about something going wrong with the call. I feel like I need to know everything about the prospect I am calling just in case he starts asking me questions. The funny thing is, out of all the calls I've made, it's never gone anything short of fine. I get about half or better of my voicemails returned. I've met some great contacts even if they have no need for anyone now. So my fears are totally unfounded, yet they are still there. So this is the area I am working hard at. I still get bogged down with the process of identifying prospects that fit the MPC, finding the VP contact I need to call and getting the phone number. This seems to take way too long. But, there has been improvement.

Also, right now I am working sales and bus dev candidates only. This industry can get highly technical and I understand enough to work those positions. Plus I have been in sales all of my life, so it's a job I understand.

So thats my story.
Today was not very productive. I spent some time building my LinkedIn network and gathering prospect information for tomorrows calls. The day goes quickly in recruiting.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to tell some MPC call stories.

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