6 Easy Ways To Sell Your Resume, Based On Psychology

Why do we get so little feedback on our resumes? Perhaps, something’s wrong with our approach to the issue and we need help of psychology to make the difference.

In its terms, we are too shy and sell ourselves in the shortest manner. Get to know how to improve your approach to the job search.

 1.     Your work results must contain numbers

To catch your future employer’s eye show your results at the current or previous job in numbers. This will help you to emphasize your contribution into company’s development. Besides, numbers are more trusted that words and they’re supposed to be the so-called catcher’s for the recruiters (you can read more about catchers at http://resume-for-you.com/). Quantifiers make person’s mind to stop and contemplate exact information more thoroughly. This is a part of Aristotle’s power of logos implying the evidence and logical fact that can be trusted and relied on.

For example, you can make your resume stronger demonstrating your achievements with such numbers:

 Managed $17,000 budget to plan main events for 5,500 students


Created and published 10 articles on medicine issues, generating 213,000 page views, 9,324 likes, and 4,313 tweets

 2.     Add originality to your interests

Professor Adam Grant states that people look for similarities in other profiles. The same occurs when a recruiter opens your resume. His gaze first moves to the most interesting and simple part to perceive – your interests part. So when the bored person finds the same trite phrases about “watching movies” and “going in for sport”, it makes not a good start for your resume to proceed with.

Instead, you could write you interests in more quirky way.

For instance: French movies with Marion Cottilard or Jamaican cuisine.

 3.     Give proofs of your competitiveness

It’s amazing how people forget about their achievements composing their resume. Some explain that earlier received certificates hardly refer to the sphere they apply. Although Robert Cialdini, a psychologist, states that social proof makes the strongest influence to any person.

As an example: Won $10,000 for Junior Science and Humanities Symposia (JSHS) (250+ high school students competed)

 4.     Ask for a feedback

Better to ask for a feedback, than wait in silence for any actions. A good way to ask for the feedback before even submitting your resume, just contact an employer and ask politely for 2-3 minutes of his time to spare. It will hurt no one but definitely show your involvement in the search process.

 5.     Back yourself up with well-known brands

Think this tip won’t work with you? But the point is that you shouldn’t directly work for a brand name. You can be connected to it by the clients of your company or just even be detached to some famous project. The reason here is not to deceive your future employer with a non-existent collaboration but to show you connection to the development of big brands. This is another psychological method in associating oneself with authority to emphasize the influence you make.

Look for this example to help you:

Build relationships through follow-up meetings with 4 strategic partners, such as: Pepsi, Emirates Airlines.

6.     Keep to the “Rule of Seven”

The rule is simple – use company’s buzzwords in your resume for about seven times with the key one. It will show how much similar you’ve got with it and therefore make an impression that you’re the right fit. “Seven” is the number of influence by the advertisement theory. It’s believed that only after seven time the person goes for the real action.




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