6 Effective Workplace activities for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has been the most crucial part of any organisation, to keep the employees emotionally engaged with the company. Inside office games & activities are equally effective when it comes to cheering-up the people on the floor after a busy and stressful day. Here are some most commonly tried indoor games and activities across the organisations.

*[Also add some other activities which you have been part of or have organised in your office]

1. Name the Colleagues

This is the best ice-breaking activity and an effective way to make employees familiar with each other. Write the name of each employee on a chit of paper and put all on a table. Call each employee one-by-one to pick up the chit and identify whose name they have received. The one to recognise correct can be rewarded.

2. Truth and Lies

In this game, ask every employee to write two truths and one lie about him/her on a chit. Ask one of them to read the options and others have to guess which is truth and which is lie. Once it is completed, pick the next chit and repeat the same process till all chits are read out.

3. Observe the team

In this game, employees should be divided into two groups, and make each group facing the other. Give first team a minute to observe the other team. After a minute, ask the team which was observed to do some changes in their previous attire, like interchanging clothes, jewellery, accessories etc. The first team has to identify the changes done. Now, repeat the same process with other team. The one to identify most changes wins the game.

4. Join the pieces

Divide employees in the groups of 8 or more individuals each. All the team members, except one, are blindfolded and are made to stand in different positions. The person without being blindfolded, has to communicate with his team members and direct them to join each other. Once everyone is joined, ask the whole team to cross a goal line. The team which crosses the line in minimum time is declared as winner.

5. Creative Skit

Divide the employees into team with eight or less members. Supply each team with a set of objects (or prompts) and give them some time to think of a creative skit using them. Ask each team to perform a skit based on the objects given. The best skit based on voting can be the winner.

6. Discuss the ideas

Prior to the day of this activity, management can ask team leaders of various projects/verticals to document the issues/challenges they are facing their current working procedure. This document can now be shared in the whole organisation and asking employees (irrespective of any vertical) to pick an idea, research on it and bring the best solution on the table for the same. On the day of presentation, ask the participants to present their ideas. Question them and challenge their methodology. If it is applicable in the concerned team/department/project, implement it. This is the best way to explore more talent in the organisation and an effective way to make employees aware of all the projects in the company.

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