6 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

While everyone has a little trouble getting up on a Monday morning the feeling usually leaves at 10 am after a morning coffee. A little bit of disdain towards your organisation once in a while is normal. However, if the sense of dread to leave your bed appears to be growing it might be time to quit your job.

You’re Finding Things To Do

If your to-do list is piling up but you’re more interested in cleaning the office kitchen you should quit. We all love to procrastinate sometimes but if going to the toilet for a mini break is more exciting than your work then you have a problem. Being uninspired by you job is a sign that you need to find something more challenging.

You Don’t Fit the Company

Maybe the company is growing in a new direction or recently your life has changed. Either way, if your personal aims do not match up with the aims of the company you should look for a new role.

Moreover, you may just not fit into the company culture. You might be sold the dream very well when you first started but now you’ve seen behind the curtain and it doesn’t look so glossy now. Understand what your personal aims and search for an organisation t....

You Have Broken Rapport

We’ve written about what to do if you have a toxic boss but to summarise, talk it through and focus on you. But, ultimately if it is affecting your mental health, quit your job. Depending on the relationship a rapport may be difficult to rebuild. Even when it is rebuilt it is often scared. These broken relationships will hinder your career progression and day-to-day happiness. It is best to call it quits and find a new team.

You Know the Most

Are you telling your boss what to do and leading the team yourself? That is a sure-fire way to know you should quit your job. Being more knowledgeable than your boss can lead to added stress when they make a decision without your input. Plus, being more skilled in a lower hierarchical role just shows how unaware the company is of its employee’s talents.

It Is Not Your Dream

Don’t expect to find your dream role straight away, but if you’re in a role or industry that is far removed from your dream then have a look at new opportunities. Would your 18-year old self who was full of hope be happy with where you are in your career? If the answer is no, start a new journey that gets your closer to your dream role.

You’re Not Advancing

Comfort is nice, but it is dangerous. Sometimes being comfortable in a job blindsides you. I can make you forget that you haven’t progressed up the career ladder in a while. Maybe that is because you’ve become complacent or perhaps there is no role that you can advance into. Either way, challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone and search for a fresh role.

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