8 Advantages of Working in the Travel & Tourism Industry in Sydney

Of all the possible job options out there, careers in the travel and tourism industry are some of the best; and people of all ages and backgrounds, many with previous experience in various sectors, gravitate towards it. Although there are, as with all types of work, some downsides to this kind of work, it's the impressive range of advantages which attract so many workers to travel and tourism jobs in Sydney; so here's a brief look at just eight of these.


1. A wide choice of jobs and potential employers

While it's not great practice to constantly flit from job to job, the buoyant state of the industry means you are not forced to stay in a post that you don't suit, enjoy or get much of anything out of.

2. Opportunities for promotion

Plenty of travel and tourism jobs in Sydney offer the possibility of promotion down the line, and unlike some more traditional employment sectors this can sometimes be achieved very quickly.

3. Perks

A share in the tips, incentive and general bonus schemes, discounted travel, or the chance to see something of the world are all typical perks of the travel and tourism job world.

4. A dynamic workplace

For many people working in this industry no two days are the same. This may mean new customers, menus, or challenges, but regardless, there aren't many jobs where those who thrive on the unexpected can really find their feet.

5. It's a growth industry

There's no need to worry about the market drying up and being thrown out of work. In fact the travel and tourism sector is growing steadily year on year, so it will be around as long as you want to stay with it.

6. Entry level work is available

One of the real big advantages of working in the travel and tourism industry in Sydney is that it's easy to break into. Of course, there are specialised jobs for those with extensive training in a specific field, but there are plenty of openings for new starters too, and don't forget there are opportunities to learn and move up the ladder.

7. The government is investing in it

This is a great thing to see happening, especially as it means funds will be released to support training and development to get the many vacancies filled.

8. There's a place for everyone

Whatever your personality you will find a niche that offers respect to you for simply being who you are. From travel geek and chatterbox to brilliant sales pitcher or serious analytical type there's a space for your approach.

It's a fact that the Sydney travel and tourism industry has certainly come a long way in the last few decades, transforming from a job sector often perceived to be low paid, low opportunity and low kudos, to one brimming with positives and very definitely capable of attracting thousands of eager workers and providing a lasting and rewarding career.

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