8 Elements in a most productive office space

The environment where you work has a great impact on how you work. According to some studies conducted on productivity and workplace, employee’s ability to work better depends on the surrounding environment in office. The study showed that well designed office helps increasing productivity by 20%. This shows us how important is the workplace design for better results. Let’s see of the important elements business owners should consider

1. Lighting

Having good lighting in the workspace is important. Energy level in your workplace can be increased by using daylight color balanced CFL bulbs. These bulbs come close to sunlight, which is naturally energizing. As much as possible try to choose a workplace with wide window pans (dark colored) that allow natural lighting to come inside as well.

2. Sound

Controlling the sound levels in the workplace is important to productivity. If there is too much of noise from around the location, it might not only be distracting but might also increase the stress levels. On the other hand, if it is completely quiet inside office that might be monotonous as well, in that case arrangements of slow music can be made for each cabin.

3. Air

If the quality of the air is not good, it will greatly affect your ability to focus and think clearly about your work. Bad odor is a big repeller for a creative mind. It is recommended to let in some fresh air from doors and windows. If not possible, then offices should have air conditioners.

4. Color & Creativity

The colors around us have an effect on our brain function and our moods. It changes both physical and emotional responses. So choosing the right color is a good booster of productivity. Having creative work done as well, would be like cherry on the cake.

5. Scents & Odors

Like colors, our sense of smell can change the mood, mindset and productivity. Adding some scents in the workplace will increase your productivity. Let’s see some of the scents how they help us.

  • Pine – Increases alertness
  • Peppermint – Lifts your mood
  • Citrus– Wakes you up and lifts your spirits
  • Lavender – Helps to relax you during a stressful work day
  • Cinnamon – Improves focus

Most of the people don’t like adding scents in their workplace, so make sure there is a subtle change.

6. A touch of Nature

First and foremost we are biological creatures. So we are affected by our access to the natural world. It is important for our psychological functioning which affects our productivity. If possible, bring some nature to your workplace, like – having green plants and colorful flowers.

7. Organization of people

In most companies, management organizes employees around specific division or job function. Some studies show that employers sitting with employees sharing the same goal are more productive and creative. This arrangement makes management accessible and can generate solutions faster. The current trend in organisations has seen a rise in open door policy.

8. Refreshments

Our brain needs some change from constantly sitting on the desk. Refreshments acts as an excuse to take a break and refresh the thoughts. Try to keep refreshments at far the distance from the desk arrangements. A little stroll is enough to refresh the mood and boost our brain.

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