I LOVE the movie “Office Space” – a lot (seriously – why are fax machines so tricky??). And let’s face it – it can be easy to slump ourselves into work letting the world around us take over. And why shouldn’t we be sad/mopey/sleepy (or any of the other 7 dwarfs) – just turn on the television. Tiger Woods – bad guy. Healthcare – not reformed. Unemployment – still pretty bad. Job hunting – pretty brutal.

Case in point: One of my dearest friends this week made a video reel to apply to a job – apparently we’re “there” in terms of competition and difficulty. But I have to hand it to her – it was inventive and she was taking BYOBM to the next level and beyond! And to top it off – she had a blast.

I will say this: There is nothing worse than a sad, frustrated co-worker/friend/family member. It brings everyone down. So - Here are my tips for keeping your sanity during the winter months. And be prepared – these are not the normal “imagine yourself on a beach” tips:

1. Start each day by listening to a commercial from Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius campaigns. I listen to one everyday and have to say – I DIE LAUGHING.

2. Watch this commercial.

3. Make your FAVORITE breakfast before work. Yes you’ll have to get up early but seriously – chocolate chip pancakes ALWAYS put me in a good mood. (Or on the flipside – bring your favorite lunch to work – it will make your morning fly by – Thanksgiving Sandwich anyone?)

4. Watch a little kid walk down the street. There is always something uplifting about watching a kid attempting not to step on cracks while wearing GIGANTIC winter boots that makes me chuckle to myself.

5. If you’re a woman, wear a headband to work. You’d be surprised how many compliments you receive. Really want to up your game? Wear a new shade of lipgloss AND a headband. WATCH OUT WORLD!

6. If you’re a man, wear a brightly colored shirt that you typically wouldn’t wear – again – you’d be surprised how many people walk up to you and say “hmmmm.. something is different today.”

7. Attempt a game of Wii boxing before work. It’s hilarious and will get your heart rate up. Did I mention hilarious?

8. Sing along loudly to a Billy Joel song (or Black Eyed Peas…. Or Lady Gaga – my 6 month old nephew LOVES Poker Face) while in your car and don’t quiet down or stop when you see someone watching. You will chuckle about it all day. Want to up your game? Wink at your audience and hold out your imaginary thumb microphone as if to say “Want to be my backup singer?”

We’ll get through it – seasons change. Jobs will get better. And if we can have a laugh or enjoy ourselves more in the interim I say – What do you have to lose?

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