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Leveling the Field: Remaining Competitive in an Evolving Web Marketplace

Version changes. Upgrades. Migrations. The world of web is constantly evolving. Almost as quickly as my wardrobe in fall!

Case in point, some topics of interest:

• To HTML5 or not to HTML5?

• Is the web dead? Are applications taking over?

• Cross browser compatibility?

• Flash and iPhone? GASP

• The future of Flash?

One topic that is always mutually agreeable is the concept of keeping up with emerging trends and adding to your repertoire. You have… Continue

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The Keg Has Run Dry? Tips for Job Hunting After College

This is a true story inspired by real events.....

I was talking to my younger sister last night. She just recently graduated with her Master's in English and she's been pounding the "pavement" - aka job boards - looking for work as a Teacher, Substitute Teacher, TA, etc. at the university…


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TMI? If in doubt, leave it out! Making social media work for you

• “OMG! I got so wasted last night!!”

• “Blacking out is no fun! How did I get home?”

• “I can’t believe I slept in a field AND lost my shoes?”

• “How did I end up in Hoboken?”

• “Have to go to court today – stupid speeding tickets!!”

• “I hate my boss – I can’t believe what an idiot I work for!”

• “This job is SO NOT worth $25 per hour!!”

Sound familiar? (These are actual posts by the… Continue

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Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Anne Curry – OH MY!

OK – I have to say I work for a cool company. Not trying for brownie points here (can’t hurt) but a company that invests in the future to me – is awesome. So Aquent sponsored/is sponsoring some

great events in 2010 and I was a very lucky attendee for two of them.

  • An Event Apart – for those of you not familiar with A List Apart – An Event Apart is an intense 2…

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Henry…. You Have to NETWORK!

I can picture him now. Hunched over his laptop, furiously typing, re-entering the same information over and over again. Name, location, desired salary range, citizenship status, upload resume, click here, yes include a cover letter, and…. Done! Last resume sent for the day and his work is done. Now he can relax. He is the “Job Hunter” and for this blog I will refer to him as Job Hunter Henry – JHH. JHH thinks to himself “I hope this round of resume sendoffs yields some interviews and eventually… Continue

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The Proof is in the Portfolio

Knock knock. It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon and you wonder – who could possibly be interrupting your bliss (including a large turkey sandwich and reruns of your favorite 80’s sitcom – insert for me – Perfect Strangers). You open the door with your speech prepared for the following:

• Candy/Girl Scout cookie sales – you may budge if they have Carmel deLites.

• Religious group passing out literature – always a fun bunch.

•… Continue

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Know when to hold ‘em, and when to fold ‘em….

Know when to hold ‘em, and when to fold ‘em….

Suit? No suit? Business casual…. What does that even mean? It’s 95 degrees out and you’re hauling down the street in a full suit, button down, and tie. You’re lost. AWESOME… and to top it off, you have about 1 minute to find where you’re interviewing and all of a sudden – nobody around you seems to speak English. Wait? So Park Street turns into Park Place but I have to cross over the highway? AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Nightmare? NOPE.… Continue

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Get a Hair Cut and Get a Real Job

Scene: Me sitting in an interview. In walks my interviewer who slightly resembles Steve Guttenberg from Police Academy – except my guy has a lazy eye. And the questions begin:

1: Do I sing in the Shower?…


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A Case of the Mondays??

I LOVE the movie “Office Space” – a lot (seriously – why are fax machines so tricky??). And let’s face it – it can be easy to slump ourselves into work letting the world around us take over. And why shouldn’t we be sad/mopey/sleepy (or any of the other 7 dwarfs) – just turn on the television. Tiger Woods – bad guy. Healthcare – not reformed. Unemployment – still pretty bad. Job hunting – pretty brutal.

Case in point: One of my dearest friends this week made a video reel to apply to a… Continue

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Consider Me Your VERY own personal Jerry Maguire

Recruiter. Headhunter. Staffing Consultant. Placement Specialist. Talent Acquisition and Retention Specialist. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! Let’s call it what it really is – we are your Agent. OH YES – think Jerry Maguire “Show ME THE MONEY” Cuba Gooding yelling in the bathroom kind of agent. And no – I will not scream into the phone for you. I love you – but that just seems weird and it’s been done… Continue

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Want to see a grown man cry??? Take away his iPhone.

September 30th I attended MoMo Boston held at the Boston Harbor Hotel where there was the usual meet and greet of some of the finest minds in America but also a great panel discussion regarding mobile advertising, mobile platforms, the best types of phones, etc. Needless to say, out of a room of 200, there were probably 11 women. Oh well – it meant more white wine for me. And NO! I do not JUST go for the open bar – Jeez.

My reason for attending was compounded by the fact that one of… Continue

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Blue 32!! Blue 32!!!

• “The same things win. It doesn't matter where you coach them. The game's the same.” Mike DuBose

• “If you're bored with life - you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things - you don't have enough goals.” Lou Holtz

• “Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.” Vince Lombardi

• “You have to perform at a consistently higher level than others. That’s the mark of a true professional.” Joe Paterno

• “You can't get much done… Continue

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The Ringmaster's on a smoke break...

Time management - oh the words sound so simple but are yet so darn tricky. How else are there several books, infomercials, classes, and seminars dedicated to this very topic? How often do we feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland singing badly along to "I'm late for a very important date..." while frantically staring at our pocket watch? We learn and adjust to suit the obstacles we face. But every so often I… Continue

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BYOBM - If you've got it, flaunt it!

Spring has sprung! Birds are chirping, pedestrians are darting out in front of my car, I narrowly avoid running into people on bikes – seriously some of you people are slightly dangerous. Ahhhhh…. Summer is on its way. And to top it off I’m seeing signs of an upswing in the market. WOO HOO!!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to take part in a few events focusing on job hunting, technology, new products, etc. at the Microsoft building in Cambridge, MA. Can we talk about how… Continue

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Lather Rinse Repeat.... As Needed???

Can I just say I’ve never understood rinsing and repeating? It seems to me that if the product can’t get the job done the first time, rather than lathering, rinsing, and then doing it all over again – the ideal would be to buy a higher quality product. No?

One thing about the current state of things is that I’m noticing a lot of repeating the same behavior and hoping for a different outcome (Ie. Using $1 shampoo and hoping for flowing shiny hair). Clients are shunning… Continue

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Dr. Jekyll, Mr... Tech Support?

A vast majority of my blog has been dedicated to candidate advice. I figured amongst the cold blasts of snow, a lighthearted candidate story or two would be appropriate.

#1 – The Cold Shoulder

I was working on a Technical Support role for a company in Boston. I had a lengthy phone discussion with said candidate, for sanity’s sake we shall call him “Bob.” Bob seems interested in the role, I explain the need to meet with him prior, etc. Shortly thereafter, I receive a few emails… Continue

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Big Bucks NO Whammies……

For those of you out there who were children of the 80’s (or perhaps a bit older), hopefully you will remember the show – Press Your Luck. Contestants would collect spins that led to prizes after the spin traveled around a makeshift digital game board, all the while yelling “BIG BUCKS NO WHAMMIES.” I promise this has a point.

The other day, I was talking with a friend who was flustered about their resume and cover letter in an attempt to find the perfect recipe for submitting… Continue

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Fa La La La - Layoffs??

2008 – What a year! We have a historic President-Elect who we are hoping will inspire the American public. It has been officially declared that the United States has been in a recession for the past 12 months. Companies are laying off ten’s of thousands of workers while others are closing completely. And finally to top it off – a Journalist in Iraq attempted to hit George W. Bush with not one, but both of his shoes and almost succeeded. This one is definitely headed for the record… Continue

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Frustration is spelled R.E.S.U.M.E.

Someday I hope to find whoever instructs my 10+ year veteran consultants to turn their incredible careers into one condensed page of confusion – and kick them in the shin.

Now I realize that there are SEVERAL schools of thought with regard to resume writing. Let’s face it – selling yourself on paper is probably one of the most difficult tasks other than perhaps – changing a tire without scratching your knuckles on the pavement. As the years have passed, I have found myself the career… Continue

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You get what you pay for...

These last few weeks have been a rollercoaster – as a Head Huntress and as an American. Wall Street is in shambles, our bailout didn’t really do any bailing out, unemployment is going up, our Presidential candidates are debating but not necessarily answering any questions, people are scrambling to maintain standards of living, our greatest joy is the return of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are more popular than ever, and I can’t seem to understand the hiring patterns of… Continue

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