I just completed my graduation a few months back. The things they teach you in books...well its almost never the same out here! You can never really understand the corporate world by reading the quotes and definitions in the text books or from the lectures a professor gives! Its a lesson best learnt firsthand !

A few years back was browsing for some interesting blogs and stumbled upon a story which changed my perception, my views and my style of viewing the corporate world...that was the 1st and the last time i read that particular story...tried searching for the same several times..but somehow could never find it!

Here is something of what i remember it to be like...

....."A young cub..barely a few days old, decided to take his first solo trip and explore the jungle he called his home...His father - the King of that forest, a wise and an old ruler let him explore the surroundings on his own...

Barely had he gone a few meters when a Mighty Gorilla shoved him aside into the bushes!! but the young cub took it playfully and moved ahead...while he was nearing a pond, the ground suddenly started to shake!! looking back he saw that a heard of wildbeests was rushing towards him! poor he! frightened he ran as fast as he could..luckily he barely managed to avoid the path of those wild beests!! By nightfall, he managed to escape a crocodile, an angry Elephant, and a few chimps who were guarding their territory! 

Shaken he reached home after the sunset....His father asked him how his day was...and he replied, "Its a Jungle out there!!!"........

The lesson this article gave me was more than i could understand at that time( while i was doing my graduation..). But now, i have understood what the 'Cub' meant! 

The mere competition! plus the different kinds of people i have to interact with (physical interactions and while making cold calls..)...They always amaze and teach me a lot! There is a reason why not everyone has the same set of mind and a way of viewing the surroundings..This world would indeed be very monotonous and dull if everyone acted and reacted the same!! 

Almost everyday, after i reach home, lying on the bed, i can't help but think..."It seriously is a Jungle out here!!!!! "


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