Accountability – The Anchor of Success

Over the last few months we have seen some recurring themes with some of our pivotal clients.  There is a massive struggle to secure the best of the best in the market – everyone wants the same thing – and this is summed up simply, “People with emotional intelligence who want to work hard, have fun whilst doing so and get great results whilst building a business/business unit”.

To think that in the late 90’s early noughties there were masses of jobs and multiple candidates and matches seemed to be far easier to secure – it was a recruiter’s dream and money was somewhat easier to make. Roll forward to 2012 and at Lipton Fleming we take on a minimum of 40 new jobs a week across the media landscape of Planners/Buyers, Sales Managers, Group Directors, Digital Managers, SEO and PPC gurus, Research Directors, Qualitative Research Manager/Directors etc.  We can blatantly see there is no dip in our clients’ desire to satiate their business needs!  Everyone wants the elixir of employability – People who give a damn!

It would seem that over the last few years our society seems to have become complacent with its drive and desire. A level of apathy has settled on the mass majority and it acts a little like Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility – shrouding the real get up and go that we once harboured. We only have to visit our local supermarkets to see the total resentment some of the cashiers have for their customers. There are little to no pleasantries such as, “Hello”, “How are you today?”, “Can I help you with your packing?”. Even eye contact is avoided. Perhaps the pain of working hard and not yielding the desired outcome of more money is too painful a push and month in month out the passion dwindles and the respect and pride for their job dissipates.

We’ve all been there when some days it’s a beast when your alarm goes off at 5am/6am and you drag yourself out of bed, walk like a zombie to the shower sometimes dreading the day ahead. These are all choices we actively make.  Each one of us owes it to ourselves to milk the hell out of each day, each emotion, each success and every sorrow – feeling is great – it’s what makes us aware that we are really living. Enjoy the small things in life! Treat yourself well and be kind to yourself. What makes any of us think that we deserve to be miserable, demotivated, unhappy, and undesirable? We are victims of our own environments. Be a creator of your career, a creator of your own passion and happiness.

Own your future. We all have periods of feeling as if we are at the mercy of the market, our bosses, our partners, our families or our friends. The empowering part comes when we realise whilst we can’t control anybody around us – we can control our own desires and we can strive to ensure our dreams and aspirations become a reality. If we don’t ask for things then we will never get them. Let’s make our future one that we know we can control – you can engineer your future. Let today be the first day of owning your life and your happiness.  If you don’t like things – change them, or change how you feel about things.  A wise guy once told me, “You can’t change the pitch you play on – it’s the constant, all you can do is adapt your style to ensure the game is a success.” Let the game begin.

Written by,

Emy Rumble-Mettle

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