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What Makes a Good Sales Person?

‘Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.’ - Terry Pratchett

sales people

In the words of Terry Pratchett I felt it was time to stop dreaming about being a footballer or generally some sort of famous person and get some wages.  I decided to become a sales person as it seemed to fit in with my…


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Now we’re addicted to social, what’s love got to do with it?

Earlier this week I read an article in my favourite online magazine which shocked me… A quick caveat though would be to say I fully endorse social media in all its greatness, it’s my day job (so best I do) but I realised maybe I/we need to remember the appropriateness of our actions.

Here are some of the extracts that shocked me, more because I can relate to them so closely:

“A survey conducted by Curry's and PC World found that 53 per cent of respondents admitting to…


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Leaving your company? Exit stage left.

Preserving your brand when staff leave and preserving your personal reputation when you move to a new company should be both party’s main aim.

We work within media agency, digital agency, sales and research & insights and I would say brand preservation is a key pre-requisite in any sector regardless of the industry.  Some good old…


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How to avoid the silly mistakes in interviews!

‘Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure’ Confucius.

There is no way I can over exaggerate how important it is to make sure you have prepared well for an interview. This must be the rule whether you are a senior level candidate or someone starting out in your career.

Many people blame…


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When is it OK to Say ‘No’ to Your Boss?

Saying ‘no’ to your boss may seem like the most impossible thing to do but in some instances a firm no is the best option. The main problem for most people is how you go about saying no, as this can affect the relationship you have with your boss.

Realistically there is no one size fits all answer for this as everyone has a different type of boss, some bosses are axe…


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Lesser Spotted Interview Tips

You always hear the same old tips about how to research into the company, interviewer, role and question preparation. Well we’ve already covered those off in depth in our Ultimate Interview Guide, so we wanted to give you some basic but lesser known tips to get you through your interview and see you into round two.


Here are…


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1st is everything, 2nd is nothing.

“I am the greatest; I said that even before I knew I was.” These are the words of arguably the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali.  He gave everything to be the best at what he did.

With Gold, Silver and Bronze up for grabs in London, is it ok to strive for less than the best?  In my opinion it’s not.  That’s the opinion of someone who is not a world class athlete that has not earned the right to be part of the greatest show on earth.  I absolutely respect each competitor who…


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Integrity, A Valued Commodity.

In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don't have the first, the other two will kill you." 

— Warren Buffet

(CEO, Berkshire Hathaway)


Recruitment isn’t an easy lark. As a recruitment consultant I am often on the phone to candidates of an evening, arranging interviews and hearing feedback. There is an argument to be made that some…


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Candidates Should Mirror Athletes.

As my recruitment career continues and the list of candidates I deal with increases, it becomes very apparent that there is a small minority that truly stand out above the rest, the elite. There is a very definite quality they have and that is shown in the extra level of effort in all that they do.

With Euro 2012 in full flight (never mind England, we'll get…


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8 Steps To Career Success

Good Workers + Great Values = Success.

Most employers/employees alike seek career success and the path to success is paved with hard work. As winning the lottery is not always an option, most people know success means hard work, working with people, understanding corporate objectives and managing challenges. Take enlightened footsteps on a career path to success; implement these steps into your day to day career life, if you haven’t already.…


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Fear is the only thing holding you back…..

Recently I read an article on ‘fear’, which stated the 12 top types of fear and what/where they generally stem from. An example of this would be “Fear of failure – This type of fear has its roots in the misconception that everything you do has to be 100% successful.”

I object to fear for the most part, anything thought in this vein is an…


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Representation of a Reputation

I'm the current newbie here at Lipton Fleming and the other evening, whilst sharing a few civilised drinks and a game of Trivial Pursuit in the local, I was grilled by my friends about my new job. After the usual platitudes the conversation evolved into the way people perceive recruitment consultants. I doubt it will come as much as a surprise to hear that we aren't regarded very highly.

Recruitment consultants, on the whole, have a pretty bad reputation. I think it is…


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Accountability – The Anchor of Success

Over the last few months we have seen some recurring themes with some of our pivotal clients.  There is a massive struggle to secure the best of the best in the market – everyone wants the same thing – and this is summed up simply, “People with emotional intelligence who want to work hard, have fun whilst doing so and get great results whilst building a business/business…


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As a recruiter, do you celebrate your successes?

I am completely the wrong person to be writing this blog as I never celebrate any successes and instead think about ‘what’s next’, but I hear celebrating is supposed to be a good thing.  So here goes with my hypocritical blog.

In all seriousness I can see the value in taking stock of one’s achievements. In this day and age where all we hear is negativity it can be difficult to actually get a grasp of your achievements as nothing ever seems to be good enough.  I always feel…


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How Media Draws You In.

Working in the media industry, it is important that I remain aware of it's ever evolving landscape and the thing that stands out the most is the speed with which social media can make an impact. Whether it's something with a '#' before it or a much 'liked' Facebook status, we're all switched on, all plugged in, all paying attention.

A recent example of this is the latest iPhone app doing the rounds. My Facebook home page became littered with people referring to their new…


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Do recruiters need to become more Pinteresting?

I am a Social Media and Marketing Exec and I work for a recruitment company called Lipton Fleming (LF). Here at LF we try to change with the ever adapting media landscape, not only by being a recruitment consultancy that “Places people first” (our slogan and for all intents and purposes our mission statement but) by moving with the times.

This does not mean jumping on the bandwagon and following the latest…


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Stay Employable, Up-skill.

In life you continue learning new skills and there is always something you can learn to make an everyday life task simpler/easier, so why not transfer this in to your professional life. As we all work in ever changing markets and the competition for jobs is continually heating up, most people ask themselves what can they do to stay relevant and how can they get that new job or pay rise.…


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International Women’s Day?

I don’t know if I agree with this day and wish to celebrate it, or if our drive for equality is becoming a bit too over the top and are we trying to gain supremacy as opposed to equality?

I have grown up in a stereotypical “Daddy goes to work and Mummy stays at home to look after the children and cook, clean, wash and iron etc etc  etc” environment and roll on a…


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How candidates can cover, letter by letter.

Firstly it’s important to remember that your cover letter is your introduction/preface, it is almost akin to the first steps into an interview room.  It’s the first impression we create so we must remember it is important to make it a good one. The main purpose of your cover letter is to entice the reader to want to learn more about you with a view to actually reading through your CV.…


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Marketing – The Disillusioned Profession…?

In the wake of the previous recession and with the threat of a double dip, Marketing Jobs and the Marketing profession has taken a hit, leaving our creative masterminds out of work and in some instances, with a bruised ego.…


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