Little bit of psychology with this post. I’m a fan of this technique-affirmations and visualizations. This technique can be used by absolutely anyone!! There are many tools and techniques to create positive change and manifest the outcome of your desire. A large portion of the how we think is attributed to how one views situations and what one says to themselves.

Example- Which would you prefer to say to yourself? ‘I am going to ace this interview. I am confident and prepared’. OR ‘How do I expect myself to do well in this interview. I’m not confident’.

Tools and techniques for visualization include creating a vision board, relaxation CDs, simulation. It is difficult if not impossible to visualize excellent performance if your self talk is negative. The mind will believe what you tell it. It is important to combine visualization exercises with positive affirmations. Those with a negative self image tend to be self depreciating. If you tell yourself you can not do something you will be very surprised if you are successful and rightly so!

Couple of tips with affirmations and visualizations-phrase affirmations using the first singular person, use the present tense when possible, state them in the most positive way, make them short, simple and clear, make them emotional and use as many senses as possible. My favourite way of using affirmations is writing them down and placing them where I can see them everyday. I will then state them to myself repeatedly.

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Comment by Rob on March 12, 2010 at 5:51pm
Hi Lindsey, Interesting post. Are you talking about this for yourself or for your candidates or both? Positive self talk is definately an area where most people fall down as candidates constantly beat themselves us by saying, "I won't do well in the interview etc..."
Comment by Lindsay Browning on March 15, 2010 at 7:05am
Hi Rob. Thank you for your comment. This post is for candidates and everybody. I believe how we think creates our attitude. Positive thoughts will create a more confident feeling particularly during an interview.


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