In June 2014, Eugene was the first program to pass the Turing Test,  a test of machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. This was just done with advanced computing and no AI was needed. The same way, we would just need some smart software to improve recruiting rather than advanced AI (which is good if possessed). Any smartly designed software can be programmed to convince the candidate that its a recruiter who is talking or speaking.

In our previous blog on Why is Alexa a must for the Salesforce platform, we discussed how Alexa can ease operations and how it is capable of improving business operations and their efficacy.

Technology in products like Alexa can drastically improve recruiting.

Candidate Engagement

It’s an art that recruiters possess and not everyone is great at it. But yes, it has a system, a process to follow and we can definitely lay down some steps associated with the process. Most recruiters struggle with this as its the most time- consuming process and yet its the most important aspect that it cannot be ignored.

There are many text based softwares available which can ease this but they are so robotic in nature that its least interactive and far from being believed that its a human that’s conversing. However, Alexa is different and Amazon is working on Alexa and its personality. Alexa is soon to have a more natural language as good as a human. With these advancements, Alexa can greatly impact recruiting processes.

Then, Alexa could be easily deployed on career sites of organizations for candidate engagement. Alexa can become the social interface for candidates to engage, get all queries answered and also talk on subjects of varied interests.


Interview Process

Another labour-intensive yet critical process of recruiting is the interview process. A social interface can greatly save time of recruiters. There are products which offer audio and video interviews, their analysis with greater accuracy. However, the bigger problem with them is that candidates cannot interact, ask questions and clarify doubts. This reduces the value that these softwares can bring to the table. Alexa is different though, it can smartly answer questions and joke as well when needed, making the interview extremely interactive for the candidates. Interviews conducted via such social interfaces can also eliminate biases created by humans like dislike for accent or any such things.


One must keep in mind that technologies like Alexa are not to make recruiters jobless. AI and such softwares are far away from replacing the recruiters. Recruiters will be doing jobs that are less mundane but they will never cease to exist. Alexa cannot become a recruiter and while it’s fancy to put it to work for some major recruiting process, we should not be overestimating the capabilities of any such technology. These technologies surely have their benefits but not without some costs and consequences.


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