I noticed a very interesting blog yesterday about a new recruiter inquiring about choosing and the validity of:
ATS. A woman responded that they, ATS"s, were a waste of time unless you have a data entry person, and even then there value were was questionable.

My situation is different, but has similarities. I do have an ATS system that I have never really developed or used fully. It also only cost 200 dollars. It will do some automatic data entry, particularly if you set up a good data dictionary.

My concern, and request for feedback, revolves around having 20,000+ resume attachments in Outlook, going back ten years. They are just taking up kilobyte space. I started using Outlook 2007 and it does
have a very good keyword search functionality. However, I would like to get more value out of these resumes.

I have a recruiter friend who meticulously puts any potentially placable resume, or other relevant peace of information into a self designed ATS with over 300 job categories. It is built on ACT with a SQLserver back-end. When he gets a new job to work on, he sends emails to all candidates in his database in that category, and typically gets over 10+ responses, which averages him a placement and a half in a month in an OK job market. He describes himself as being "extremely anal" (i. e., compulsively super organized). He encourages me to do what he does, but I don't have his compulsive drive (he and I are networking solo recruiters).

Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions, that doesn't include a sophisticated ATS, how I can get more value out of my inbox resume attachments, and over one thousand resumes I have put into word?
However, if there isn't anything else I can do, then I'll probably have to get an ATS or use the clunker I have.

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Comment by Jake Stupak on April 29, 2009 at 2:55pm
Good post. Aside from your current method of keyword searches, you would most likely have to build a database that could be tied to a general resume parser. This certainly might not be a fun or easy way of doing this, but you could have your resumes scanned by the parser and have the values associated with fields in the database. This would allow the resume to be broken into easier to search components for general query filtering. However, say that you decided to use a new ATS, there are a lot of additional values to consider that can greatly increase efficiency the hiring process aside from just using it for resume management.

Best of luck!!!
Jake Stupak


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