And in the Beginning… or… Am I Primed to Start the Day?

You wake up in the morning, hopefully after a full night of sleep (made possible by a lack of problems in the mind..Or you are starting a new position.) and would like to think you will take on the world and win.

How? Do you have a plan? Do you have a routine or ritual? Or do you just run “off the cuff” and hope all the day-stars will line up correctly for you to move on. Okay so the last point probably isn’t enough to hope for, but there are the people who…

Seven things you should be thinking of over the course of the day; add to or delete from what doesn’t apply to you, but I think the list really wouldn’t be that hard to follow or set up on a daily basis.

1. Shower, Dress and have something that could resemble Breakfast. During this time work on a ‘to-do’ list of things ideally you would like to accomplish and write it in your day-timer. This is a fairly simple process, note how none of yesterdays issues are put here…Unless it is career-ending or client-dropping, it probably could be listed for later today.

2. Plan time where you can have mind-clearing breaks. Be it to write some ideas down for future blogs, grabbing an energy-stimulant (chocolate or coffee), or just walking up and down the hall to clear out all the extra crap that really isn’t key right now. (This stuff should be listed at worst in an ongoing list of projects undertaken, yet not finished)

3. Concentrate on all the positive activities you have going on. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, or a new time-saving procedure you have seen to put in place. Negative thought brings the mind and karma down, which makes the day seem twice as long. See what you can do to keep the downslide on an upswing.

4. At a sensible time, BREAK FOR LUNCH. Many of us think we are gods who can constantly run on no energy..WRONG. No lunch equals no production because the mind will start spinning in place. Its been proven that energy will increase production. This I know from experience because all missed lunches gained me was more free time on the clock logged in for the company….(lets see 25 years x 30 min/day….ENOUGH)

5. When the work day is over and you have either accomplished the list or moved it forward to another day; take time for yourself. There is nothing (except possibly a spouse) which prevents you from taking a little time to wind-down before you return home. This will probably allow you to leave work at work and not obsess over the tasks undone.

6. Working off of the above point, try to take some time in the evening for yourself, or involve the family and try to do activities which will add to the social well-being of your life. The family aren’t with you at work, so you shouldn’t expect that your time with them is to be used on work-related projects. BIG No-No (Trust me…personal experience)

7. Try to hit the pillows at a reasonable time. And as tempting as it is, keep the bedroom for two things,(self explanatory, but one of them is sleep) Leave the T.V. watching for the den or living room, because unless you are living in a one room apartment, the TV is better not in the bedroom as it is a cause of negativity, or a lack of sleep. Easier to move your pillow to the sofa and try there.

Seven relatively common sense ideas to obtain a solid moral centre where work and life are concerned. Fashion this list into some thing that will work for you; and after a little time to experiment and grow; people around you will notice a really cool customer as they admire the new you.

Something to Think About…..Your turn to give it a shot!!!


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