Today I have decided to talk about a key part of business and operations: The Mission Statement. For a full definition of what a mission statement is, please refer to Wikipedia or a fantastic book by Stephen R. Covey entitled “7 Steps of Highly Effective People”( I believe many people in the industry own this book. In a nutshell, the mission statement is the document that guides an individual or companies action at the most basic level. Why should you have one?

A Mission Statement gives you a place to start from; a reason why you get up in the morning; a set of rules on how you behave around other people; and how you approach your career. This can all be done on one page; with either a couple of paragraphs defining what you look to accomplish, or in the form of a couple pictures (or a flowchart); anything that will be easy for you to picture when you need to, or remember with the ease of a daily mantra.


Now you may ask me, “Dan, why is a Mission Statement important? How has it helped you?” I would have to say its important because it guides me. In a few simple words I know why I am doing what I do, What my purpose is, What I hope to accomplish with my life or with my work career, and how I am going to go about doing it with the minimal amount of headache or personal questions involved.

Remember, YOU are the only representative of of the inner you.

Chances are that your employer operates with one, and as an employee, you are expected to comply with one; even if it hasn’t been clearly outlined during your orientation. Any employee is a sub-contracted component of the company, but a full-time representative of themselves and what they are. Lets face facts; when the company fails to meet your paycheque, you will probably take your services elsewhere.

A Mission Statement outlines what you are known for, and comprises a key part of your reputation and provides a lifeline you can hold onto when times aren’t going well. For me, the mission statement is comprised of 8 phrases, each of which is a component of my life and my beliefs. I’ve worked under these rules all my life in every activity I involved myself in; but have only recently placed them on paper and logically made them a firm part of my daily ritual. Over time it becomes as easy to remember as tying your shoes; or drinking a coffee. I know it works because I have seen the results first-hand; it allows me to operate with more freedom than I thought was possible; and it makes me a more balanced individual.

Try it. Sit down and think about the key values that make you tick, or that keep you excited everyday and write them on a piece of paper. Place this page in a spot you will see many times daily as a reminder of your intentions or goals. Refer to it often and over time it will become a part of you; and you will see people act differently around you in a good way, because you are no longer floundering and you have a firm grip on your goals–both in life and in your career.

I’m now repeating myself; thats how excited I became when the thoughts became a reality; and people who associate with me see that I walk and talk the same language each and every day. The exercise is simple, jot down what is important to you and how you will go about achieving it. Then put that page in practice, each and every day of your life.

I AM The Sourcers' Apprentice; Enjoy, ponder and let it guide you. It's cool and Something to Think About

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