Make Your “Tomb Raider” Dream Adventure Come True at Angkor Archaeological Park !

If you are looking for fun adventure and excitement, Cambodia could offer you a great deal. Feel free to be like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones while trekking inside the magnificent temples of Angkor Archaeological Park, located at Cambodia’s capital city, Siem Reap. Enjoy your temple trekking adventure on the gorgeous, eye-popping Khmer architectural wonders in Angkor Archaeological Park.

Inside the Park:

Angkor temples are symbolic structure remains of the Khmer Empire of the 9th – 15th century AD. It stretches over 400 kilometers that includes its forested areas. In 1992, the Angkor Archaeological Park was proclaimed as a UNESCO heritage site to protect the surroundings and the richness of the magnificent temples located here. The vastness of the different sculptural exterior and interior designs or motifs of the temples define their culture, history and genius artistic showcase. Mythical figures like the Apsara (celestial nymphs, representing an ideal female beauty), Kala (face of a monster that don’t have a lower jaw, represent as guard against evil), and Naga (a mythical many-headed serpent that can be seen at each entrance inside Angkor Thom) are sculptured as symbolic designs of the temples.

What comes to our mind when we heard of Cambodia is its very famous Angkor Wat. No one who ever toured around Siem Reap who doesn’t want a souvenir photo in this very famous landmark, recognized not only in Cambodia but all throughout the world. Located six kilometers north of Siem Reap, this lotus bud shaped temple is a resemblance of the great Khmer Empire era, and the genius sculptural exterior design speaks of Khmer classical artistic history. It is one of the largest Angkor temples. The architectural balance of the temple and its fabulous composition make it one of finest structure in the world. Surrounded by refreshing tall-green trees that gives a good ambiance and adds more thrill to all adventure seekers of the temple.

You can dress-up like Lara Croft and feel free to be like Angelina Jolie in the ruins of Ta Prohm. It is the shoot location of the movie adaptation of Tomb Raider. Pose and take souvenir photos while enjoying the temple trekking adventure in this gorgeous site. It’s jungle theme and the vastness of greens around the site is perfect for a picture-perfect ‘Tomb Raider’ pose!

There are a lot of more eye-popping views that the Angkor Archaeological Park could offer. The two main temples here are the temple of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. Most of the tour guides would offer you to visit these two main attractions first, if you are only in a limited one day pass in Angkor Archaeological Park. The other famous temple sites are the Bayon Temple (in Angkor Thom Temple) that are filled with glamorous sculptural decorations of faces within its exterior that makes it more attractive to most tourists, the Elephant Terrace (in Angkor Thom) and other more sites.

Temple Adventure Tip #1

You can choose your means of transportation while doing your adventure trip. But the most affordable and the best means in Cambodia is bicycle riding. Bicycle rental shops in Siem Reap will offer you mountain bikes for US$ 5-6 a day, while city bikes are offered for US$ 2-3 a day. They will also hand you bike locks for your parking. They will ask you for your passport and guesthouse address before handing you a bicycle. If you don’t want a bicycle rides there are a lot of options that you can choose on but not as cheap as bicycle rentals. You can ride on a motorbike for US$10-15, or ride a car with a driver that would go up US$ 50 or higher. Other options are tour buses, an elephant ride, or electric cars (roundtrip). But of all the transportation choices, bicycle riding will add excitement to your thrilling temple adventure!

Temple Adventure Tip #2

An adventurer must have a map for his adventure travel. You can get tourist maps upon buying your ticket for temple trekking. Free tourist guidebooks with maps are also available from your guesthouse upon checking-in.

Temple Adventure Tip #3

You can choose a ticket pass to Angkor Archaeological Park for the price of US$ 20 for one day, US$ 40 for three days and seven-day pass for US$ 60. A three-day pass has an expiration period of seven days while a seven-day pass for one month, so you really don’t need to hurry or force yourself three or seven days consecutive on temple trekking. Tickets are available even as early as five in the morning and they will let you see the beauty of the Khmer architectural structure at sunrise. The jaw-dropping experience of the matching colors of the sky as the sun rises, that radiates more the splendid beauty of the temples. If you are decided now to make an adventure experience in Angkor Archaeological Park, this is a must watch experience!

Temple Adventure Tip #4

Expect a hot and humid temperature in Cambodia. The ideal visiting season is between November to February when the temperature is at the coolest (25-30 degrees Celsius), and the season is dry and not rainy. Temperature could rise up to 40 degrees Celsius from March to May. So it is advisable to bring water to drink or just buy fresh coconut water on the site that is sold at a very cheap price. Wear an appropriate clothes suited for usual hot temperature of the country. An outdoor sportswear is the most suitable outfit for temple adventure. Match your outfit with your bicycle ride and wear comfortable clothes that are suited for your temple trekking. Women are not allowed to enter inside the temples wearing sleeveless, strapless, or spaghetti clothing. It is also best to wear shoes that are suited for trekking adventure for your own safety. Prepare the gears you will wear and the things you will bring. Lastly, do not forget to bring your camera for a million-like Instagram photo with the temples in Angkor Archaeological Park.

Temple Adventure Tip #5

Last but not the least, always put in mind the safety precaution methods and obey the rules and regulations inside the Archaeological Park, for a safe and happy temple trekking adventure.



Turn back into time while exploring inside one of the world’s best adventure sites. Savor the taste of history, arts and beauty of the temples in Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap. Come now and make your ‘Tomb Raider’ dream adventure come true! 



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