I love being a recruiter.

Seriously, I think it’s the best job in the world.

Yet 80% of people who enter this industry, fail in the first 2 years, leave, and are never sighted again.

And it’s true, it is tough being a recruiter. And I believe in the modern era it’s getting even harder. During the downturn it got even worse. We all worked harder and harder, and earned less and less.

On top of that, our customers seem to resent us more than ever, as can be seen in my recent blog, ‘God I hate recruiters’.

Ironically there is a fate worse than being amongst the 80% of recruiters who fail. Yes, being an average, mediocre, ploddy recruiter who survives is real purgatory. Why? Because this job is too hard, has too many disappointments, not to be great at it. You have to be a great recruiter to reap the rewards that make it all worthwhile.

So for the top 5%, the cream, recruiting is the coolest job in the world.

Here’s why:

  • Recruiting is a win/win/win. Unlike most commercial transactions, recruiting is not a win/lose scenario. If I sell you a car I aim for the highest price, you push for the lowest. One of us will feel we ‘won’, the other a bit despondent that we ‘lost’.  But in the perfect recruitment scenario everybody wins. Happy client, happy candidate, happy you. This is not as trivial as it seems. There is something intensely rewarding about doing a job where everyone is grateful, everyone is excited with the outcome… and then you get paid as well.
  • You create great outcomes. Maybe the coolest thing about being a recruiter is that this is a job where you actually make good things happen. The candidate is reluctant to go on an interview, but through your influencing skills they reluctantly go along, do fantastically well, love the job, and get hired! The client won’t see your top talent because of something they spotted in the resume, but you persist, explaining the person is better than the paper, the client relents and your talent gets the job, gets promoted and in time becomes your client!  For me, when I recruited, this was the real buzz. Making things happen. Controlling the process. I would crack open a beer on Friday and reflect. That would NOT have happened if I had not seen the opportunity and influenced the outcome. Beyond cool.
  • And of course that leads us to another reason why recruiting rocks. What we do actually matters. I mean it really matters. Recruiters get a horrific rap sometimes, and often it’s deserved but hey, at the end of the day, we find people jobs! And that’s a good thing right? Something to be proud of. It makes an impact. We change people’s lives. We solve companies staffing issues. We help people further their career ambitions. Fantastic!
  • One of the beautiful things about our business is that it is so measurable. This does not suit everybody I know, but in recruiting there is nowhere to hide, and I like that. If you have the right temperament, you will thrive in this competitive environment, love the fact that you can measure yourself against your competitors and colleagues, and revel in the transparency of fee-tables and pay-by-results. Truly in our business, you eat what you kill.
  • You can own your market. If you have longevity, if you maintain integrity, if you deliver service and outcomes that your customers want… you can elevate yourself to a true trusted advisor, and then recruitment becomes a beautiful, beautiful thing.  All your work is exclusive, all your candidates come via referrals and commendations, clients treat you with respect, seek your advice, bring you into the tent . You actually ‘own’ your patch and that is a wonderful place to be!

Yes it’s true. Recruiting Rocks. When it all boils down, what all of us want from a great job is just two things. Fun & Money. And if you’re a great recruiter you’ll get lots of both. The fun of winning, the fun of finding people jobs, the fun of working in a job that actually counts. And money? I don’t mean how much you earn, although of course that important. I mean working in a job where you get a great return on your efforts. That is where it is at!

So if you are having a down day. Never forget. Fun and money.

Recruitment rocks!

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Comment by Will Branning on April 21, 2011 at 12:52pm
Great message to start the day - I've been in a slump recently, but overall Recruiting is a great job! Thanks for the reminders and inspiring words!
Comment by Ravi Goel on April 21, 2011 at 2:07pm
great post.. since recruiting is not a rocket science.. anyone can be a recruiter... but thats why many a times almost anyone becomes a recruiter.. the real deal is when you become consistent and become someone out of the anyone..like you said.. You can own the market..
Comment by DeAnna on April 21, 2011 at 2:22pm
I enjoyed your perspective and your wonderful attitude.  Most recruiters who have been in the business long have wondered a time or two...is it worth it?  The answer is always yes for me.  I love what I do and how my diligence impacts companies and lives.   The ability to forge through our recent challenges makes it clear to me...this is where my heart is and can't think of anything I'd rather be doing as a profession.   Great inspiration for us all to remember!  Thanks!
Comment by Suzanne Levison on April 21, 2011 at 3:23pm
Positive perspective. You must have just found the "Perfect Match" for a happy client/candidate!
Comment by Sandra McCartt on April 21, 2011 at 5:32pm

You are correct Greg.  It rocks.  Little bitty rocks, medium sized rocks and great big rocks.  It's just all in how good a shot one is at hitting the target with the rocks and what size rocks they want to throw.


Good post!  I have some rocks that are just about the right size to hit the target i want to hit today.  Rock On!

Comment by Cindy J. Biter on April 21, 2011 at 7:58pm
Love your message and everything you say is so true!  After nearly 15 years in agency recruiting, I ask myself why I didn't break out on my own years ago!  It is so rewarding, both in a monetary sense and in the fact that we DO change people's lives and help our clients find a perfect match!  (And I can't complain about the pay, either)
Comment by Tracey Cress on April 22, 2011 at 10:04am

Recruiting rocks for sure!!! Great post, Greg.

Comment by pam claughton on April 27, 2011 at 8:09am
Great post Greg!  Love the positive attitude and totally agree!


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