There are great recruiters around the globe that are unrecognized both in industry and business.  Their names you may have never heard, their titles differ, and their salary is not a measure of their success.  Great recruiters are employed, unemployed, and underemployed.  They are in development, yet to develop and developing others.  However, they all have some greatness in them.  Some have learned their craft through due diligence, others try a haphazard approach, and still others forge their own paths.  A few might even have big titles and work for big companies, but today I'm highlighting the ones that have little recognition. 

These are the ones that hiring managers want to recruit for them when risks are high, Or that everyone has learned from day in and day out but they don't get mentioned for their idea share.  These are the recruiters who are decent to others, fair, equitable, and truly work to be the best.  They might even suggest a No Hire when their numbers will suffer, just because the quality is more of a concern.  They live for the great Match where candidate, company and business win.

Today I want to thank THESE BEST RECRUITERS. I want to honor you, the everyday recruiter that cares about his/her candidates, that takes time to challenge a bad practice, or uses creative channels to find talent.  Today I want to recognize you, the Best Recruiters

You know who you are.  You are the one that reaches out to candidates by phone to see how they are doing in a long process, or asks the hiring manager to think beyond the role today, and hire for success.  You are courageous and speak up when others don't.  You are the best because you know our job matters to the business, the economy and to the life of the hire, community, and family of that hire.

You are the Best Recruiters because you try, you fail, and you get up again changing our industry for the better, sharing your knowledge with others, and with the mission that Jobs matter and people matter.  You recognize that Talent is more than a human resource to be used, it is a gift.  You CARE. You are CURIOUS and you SHARE.

Thank you to the Best Recruiters I have worked with, met and have yet to meet.  Thank you to the Best Recruiters that I may never meet but that by doing what you do you make this the Labor Market a Better Place.  Thank you for being in my Industry, for sharing your knowledge, for changing our world, and for sticking with it.

Thank you also to the people who recognize and support these recruiters



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