BEWARE...The Robots are coming and will become your workmates soon!!!!

With more and more talk about the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the future, it seems that the world is destined to be taken over by robots in the years to come!

With this in mind, here are just a few robots that could be competing against you in the recruitment work place...


Straight laced, organised and highly thorough. You can be sure all admin and notes are on the system every time. Not the most personable of Consultants, as his communicative skills towards candidates, need some refining "Come quietly or there will be… trouble" doesn't really go down to well. At least he is completely transparent to his colleagues, as to his friends they can call him "Murphy, but the rest can call him... Robocop."


The life of the party, who badly just wants to be everyone’s friend. Yes, his voice is annoying, and yes, his jokes are terrible, but Johnny 5 loves recruitment and his ability to obtain company facts/figures will prove to be a lifesaver during client meetings.


Say hello to your new Managing Director. Optimus Prime is a true Recruitment Leader Leader - noble, selfless, compassionate, moral, you name it, and Prime’s got it. He absolutely loves an awe-inspiring quote and dishes them out on a daily basis. Just don’t mention anything about the Decepticons who have just bought a startup tech recruitment business down the road


These two came as a duo from their last business, but yet don’t seem like real ‘bessie mates’. C3PO seems like he is likely to be the resident ‘teacher’s pet’ of the office, but is fantastic for international recruitment due to his boasts of being "fluent in over six million forms of communication"

R2 doesn’t make a lot of sense and always looks as though he has been out all night, yet is still able to be in the top 3 of the leader's board by the end of the month.

The T-800 (Terminator)

Humorless, and doesn’t really seem to integrate with anyone in the team. No one knows what he does all day, but he is constantly at his desk, starting and finishing bang on time. At least he says "I'll be back", so no worries about him not coming to work the next day. A few colleagues are convinced he was in a nasty relationship that turned sour, as during the limited times he does speak it is usually to ask about the whereabouts of a ‘Sarah Connor’?


Seems to have spent many years working alone, so a lot of the time doesn’t quite grasp the office dynamic, but sets about tasks diligently and with efficiency. He is a little bit of a mini-hoarder and his desk has as a plethora of memorabilia that seems to have accumulated over time. Another member of the office who is all ‘loved-up’, he will not shut up about his girlfriend EVE

All in all, if these are the types of AI cyborgs and Robots I am to work alongside in years to come the future doesn’t seem too bad after all? However, I will draw the line if 'Cyberdyne Systems' start getting into the mergers and acquisition of recruitment firms!

Thanks for reading!


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