Big Mistakes Modern Experienced Recruiters Make

Experience is always important for a recruiter but this does not mean the highly experienced recruiter cannot make mistakes. In fact, some make more mistakes simply because they do not evolve to the changing business world. Recruiters need to get the job done right or the business is not going to hire the very best talent available. This can so easily lead to huge problems and it is the company that suffers. If you are an experienced recruiter, be sure that you do not make the following quite common mistakes.


Recruiters often find themselves in repetitive tasks so experienced professionals end up with getting used to doing the same things in the same way over and over again. Common recruitment processes end up becoming mundane. It is even possible that the recruiter accurately predicts the answers of the prospect as the interview happens. This is great in most cases but in others it can lead to big problems.

As a good recruiter you need to avoid overconfidence. Every single prospect should be treated properly and you have to pay attention to requirements. This is especially when prospects ask questions. For instance, those that look for dangerous jobs in Michigan will be interested in compensation plans and will ask about them. As a recruiter you need to have the answers ready. If not, you might lose a great subject.

Too Much Multitasking

Multitasking stands out as a huge asset for the modern recruiter. The problem is that many experienced professionals end up overconfident on their ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time. When this is the case multitasking turns into the worker being counterproductive. Sometimes it is much more important to be able to concentrate on a specific job at a time as opposed to many at once. Setting proper schedules for answering emails, analyzing resumes or conducting interviews is mandatory.

Interrupting The Candidate

When you interrupt the candidate during the interview simply because of self-righteousness or stubbornness associated with personal experience, you open the door to losing many great candidates. Experienced recruiters have to always value every single candidate in a proper way. The process should be handled with attention and care. Do not interrupt the candidate just because you think a satisfactory answer is going to be given. Being a good listener is important for getting an accurate view of the prospect and for making him/her trust you and the represented company.

Becoming Robotic

After some time the recruiter will develop efficient routines in relation to how work is conducted. This is going to speed things along but if the routine is present and always respected, becoming robotic is a problem that can easily appear. It is important to sometimes stop and to critically assess the encountered situation. This makes the job more enjoyable and allows more focus while seeing candidates in an appropriate light. If you are too robotic in the business you do, passion fades and potential dips in productivity and efficiency are almost guaranteed. 

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Comment by Keith D. Halperin on October 1, 2017 at 2:05pm

Thanks, Laura. Except for interrupting the candidate (which can be handled through using written communication), these can be largely taken care of by recruiters and their organizations no-sourcing (eliminating the unnecessary), through-sourcing (automating), or out-sourcing (sending away) the routine w-touch, low-value add tasks they do (assuming they get the backing/resources to do these things). 


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