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How to Know You’re Not Paying Your Employees Enough

Remuneration can be an uncomfortable topic for employers and employees. Employees don’t always like bringing up the subject of money with their superiors. If they do, they often feel awkward about it. 

A lack of communication about wages and salaries can sometimes mean employers don’t know if their employees are satisfied. Sometimes, they only learn they aren’t when workers find employment elsewhere. Don’t let it…


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5 Tips for Breaking into Your Business Career

Starting a business career can be an exciting proposition for young professionals. However, breaking in can also be challenging and requires much hard work and dedication. Luckily, with the right tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can get started on the path to success in no time. Here are five tips that can help you confidently break into the business world.…


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Learning to Code: Tips and Resources for Beginners

With the increasing demand for technological expertise in today's job market, learning to code has become more critical than ever. It lets you acquire valuable skills while expanding your creative and problem-solving capabilities. The ability to code opens up opportunities like developing your software, building websites, creating apps, automating processes, and maybe even launching your own software…


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Recruiting Strategies for Hiring Great Employees

While a company’s strategies, needs, and priorities vary based on age, industry, location, and size, all companies need to hire top talent to succeed and grow. Hence, companies need the right recruitment strategy to successfully hire and retain the best candidates. Your recruitment strategy should help you identify candidates who can support your company’s goals and long-term success. Equipped with the right…


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Tips To Help You Talk To An Attorney

Most people do not really want to talk to attorneys. This is completely understandable since they do not have a great reputation among professions. However, sooner or later, you will need to talk to one. You might need to get in touch with one because you have a serious legal problem or you just need the help of a Boston truck accident lawyer after a collision. Regardless of the situation you are in, how you talk to the…


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What Law Firms Look When Offering Clerkships

No matter what kind of lawyer you wish to be when you finish law school, there is no doubt that getting offered a clerkship by a law firm is going to be the best way for you to reach your potential. Naturally however there is only a very small number of clerkships across the country, in comparison to the number of students who are passing their law degree. This means that you have to be an attractive candidate in order to receive an offer. No matter whether you wish to be a…


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Interview Tips Everyone Should Remember

Assuming that you have the skills and qualifications that a job is asking for, there are some tips which you have to remember when it comes to the interview, no matter what position you apply for. These are standard and helpful tips which will increase your chances, no matter if you are looking to become an automobile accident attorney, a paramedic, a store clerk, or a trash…


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How Technology is Changing Marketing (and How to Keep Up)

We cannot help but marvel at how far technology has brought digital marketing. Over the years, businesses have found more creative and efficient ways to connect, advertise, and provide solutions to their customers. On the other hand, buyers can find products and services from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

Digital marketing keeps evolving due to consumer trends and advancements in technology. For this reason, marketing specialists should focus on…


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Using Microsoft Office Tests to Hire Better Employees

Pre-employment tests are an important addition to your hiring process. While they add another step to the recruitment and onboarding process, they ensure that you hire the right candidate to fill the vacant position while improving retention rates. This is why most leading companies have adopted this approach and use various types of pre-employment tests. However, to realize these benefits, you should test every candidates’ level of…


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5 Types of Degrees for a Career in Marketing

"Marketing" is a much broader field than some people think. It's not all coming up with catchy slogans or designing new labels for products. The field of marketing is as diverse as the array of products and services available in the marketplace. One thing all marketing careers have in common, however — they almost certainly require a degree. But which degree should you choose to pursue if you want a career in marketing? That's the good news — you have a lot of options to choose…


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4 Ways to Thrive With a Liberal Arts Degree

Graduating with a liberal arts degree has become the butt of many jokes. For many people, a liberal arts education will only lead to a job as a barista serving artisanal coffee. Still, getting a degree in art history or philosophy opens you up to a wide world of possibilities. There is so much you can claim out there with the education you have acquired. You just need to stay focused and use these tips to getting the most out of your liberal arts degree:


  1. Take…

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7 Things You Should Never Do During Your Job Interview

Getting a job interview can be an exciting and overwhelming experience, especially for fresh graduates. Your interview can make or break your chance of landing your dream job, so it is important that you try to make a great impression on your future employer. Here are some things that you need to avoid during your interview.

Being unprepared

In addition to knowing the basics about the…


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Cohesive Approach towards Diversity Hiring

Contextual Meaning & Approach

No one in this deterrent world is living in a denial of discrimination theory since birth of Adam.

Knowing the fact that we are same siblings of Adam and Eve by blood yet couldn’t get away from gender, racism, biasness and religious differences and discrimination battle.

It is fair enough to say that this conflict continuous even in today’s modern world where it has adverse effects on human beings in multiple…


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Finding Jobs During The COVID Crisis

As the coronavirus pandemic takes the world by storm, jobs have taken a massive toll. Employment rates have taken a plunge, and experts started to predict a prolonged recession. To an amateur, finding a job can be a daunting task. Many companies have begun to work out a business model that will continue to serve them even after such a crisis, reducing overheads and becoming more efficient online.

Businesses have taken a toll because of restrictions from the pandemic. The requirement…


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7 Ways Recruitment Automation is Changing Businesses

Automation is changing business functions, and recruitment is no exemption. Gone were the days when it was necessary to manually go through hundreds or even thousands of applications. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, this function can now be automated. Keep on reading as we discuss some of the business impacts of recruitment…


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How to buy the right work-from-home laptop

Working from home necessitates a high reliance on our personal computers. Laptops have become imporant components of our productivity and success at work. A new laptop usually serves its proud owner for 3-8 years. Purchasing a new laptop is a more involved decision now than ever before. Here are some ideas on how to invest in the right machine.

Form factor and size

Laptops are synonymous with portability. Fixed computers at the office are almost always desktops. They are…


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5 Tips to Maintain Effective Team Communication During the Pandemic

While COVID-19 presents many dangers to the general public, a difficult truth to face is that the suspension of work does the same. For those who are still lucky enough to have a job, there are a plethora of challenges that any team…


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Less is more: what to consider leaving off a business card

Even in a digital age, business cards are still critically important to the development of your business. Business cards form part of your introduction to prospective contacts, clients and customers and help you to create a sense of legitimacy and professionalism. They are a highly personalised marketing tool that you should be optimising.

All too often, however, business cards are poorly designed,…


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Top Tips to Grab an Employer’s Attention

Nowadays, with the proportion of people gaining university degrees and there being wider access to higher education, it can feel as though the competition within the job market is increasing. It is not always enough to just hand in an average resume to an employer. Sometimes, employers have to sort through hundreds of these, and unsurprisingly, it gets repetitive for them. To stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of the employer fully, follow these…


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How immigrants enrich the US tech sector

The US strategy for attracting foreign talent is focused and objective. Unlike many nations in the developed world which have points-based immigration systems, the US relies on H-1B visas. Applicants rarely initiate this process. Instead, it is US firms who take the lead by sponsoring visas for the skilled foreign professionals they hire. The Silicon Valley has used the immigration system most effectively for decades. Today, according to some estimates, nearly 70% of tech employees in…


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