Building Trust Between Recruiting and Sales

When They Just Can't Get Along

When sales executives promise clients the world, and recruiters can't deliver, you get a mixture of bad blood and toxic rivalry:

"I no longer trust the sales person to bring in a qualified and fillable job requisition. I won't recruit on ANY of this sale's persons requisitions."

Sound familiar?

Bad Relationships Put Your Firm in Peril

A lack of team spirit puts the success of your business in jeopardy. Customer service declines, client expectations plummet, and reputation is damaged. But that doesn't have to be your story...

Build Teams by Building Trust

To get your team back on the same page, build their trust.

Trust. It is built on understanding and empathy. Salespeople and recruiters cannot build trust between each other unless they have an understanding of where the other party is coming from.

“The key to any recruiter/sales relationship (whether internal or external) is to build trust. If the sales team understands that recruitment efforts are typically ongoing and require a bit of lead time for the best possible fit, they'll be happier in the long run," says Alicia Guzman, Talent Acquisition Consultant at WilsonHCG.

Trust is a fairly abstract term, so what does building trust really mean?

Defined by The Learning Center, trust is “confidence, the absence of suspicion, confirmed by track record and our ability to correct.”

Building Trust Begins with You

Building trust between sales and recruiting teams begins with a leader. The leader can gain the trust of both parties by:

1. Allowing transparency in his or her role (eradicating fear and suspicion)

2. Doing what they say they will do (providing a track record of follow-through)

3. Addressing and solving problems as they arise (showing an ability to correct)

A leader with the trust of both sales and recruiting departments can begin to guide them toward trusting each other by:

1. Helping teams to learn about the other’s role in the process, providing transparency, and eradicating suspicion

2. Aiding teams in following through on their promises to each other

3. Being a mediator in working toward a win/win solution when problems between teams arise

As teams begin to understanding each other and work toward solutions together, expectations of each role can be built.

Next Steps to Recruiting and Sales Harmony

Learn about the next steps you can take to create harmony between recruiting and sales. "Recruiters vs. Sales: Squelching Internal Turmoil" explores how managers and owners can:

1. Set Clear Expectations

2. Establish a Process

3. Set Realistic Goals

4. Provide the Right Incentives


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