Campaigning for people to lose jobs. Shame media

I rarely get up on my soap box, but man.. this has really annoyed me.

I love my football, I love my sport, I love hearing about it, I love reading about it and basically I cannot get enough. However this month, there has been a couple of issues arising which really sticks in my craw.... (where is my craw by the way?)

Anyway, in the media here, there seems to be a pre-occupation with people losing their jobs, specifically coaches of football clubs. Aren't we in a recession? Isn't unemployment way up from where is has been the last few years? It really seems to me that the media seems to be celebrating (or asking for) the downfall of certain people from their jobs. (Google Terry Wallace or Mick Malthouse to see where I'm coming from)

The villages have their pitch forks, and fire torches and seem to want to burn their witches. It's goulish, making me sick to be honest. And in this climate of swine flu, that makes me nervous.

I mean they are talking about someone losing their job. I understand it happens, and poor performance cannot be tolerated at the moment anywhere.... but how many of us have actually had people campaigning for your demise? (I have once... those people don't work for my company anymore :))

Imagine this happening in Corporate life. You company Newsletter announces that Recruitment haven't hit their numbers, and Editorialises that the Head of Recruitment must be "feeling the heat". They interview people around the office, to get their opinion and run a poll on Yammer... "Head of Recruitment - stay or go". All of the sudden your job seems to be at the mercy of public opinion.

Walking into work and people are waiting or asking for comment, taking your photo or filming you, and making your responses public knowledge. Now that's pressure. What happens if you don't hire more people next week? The drums beat louder and louder.. how can you effectively operate in this environment. Some will go the "well I'll show you" attitude, but I'm sure most will go into their shell or purely fall on their sword.

I'm sure this happens in the rest of the world.

But just imagine people campaigning for you to lose your job. Undermining you, making you a discussion point at many dinner tables, coffee tables, pubs across the land. Living through that, every eye in the office, looking through your windows waiting for your next move.

I think it is just irresponsible in these economic times that's all, even if they are public figures, you are talking about people, with lives, families and feelings.

I have respect for those going through this at the moment.

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