Can You Stand Out from the Crowd at Work?

Whether working for a small, mid-size or large business, you know like everyone else at the office that you need to stand out from the rest and not in a negative manner.

Each and every day you set foot in the office or telecommute from your residence, be it a small business start-up or a company that has been around for some time, how do you go about making sure that the boss notices you?

Having worked for several companies now over a 23-year span, I have always gone into a job with the idea that I give 100 percent when I am on the clock. If I was paying someone to work for me, I would expect no less, so it is only natural that the person signing my paycheck every two weeks gets the best I can give them.

That being said, some employees go to work each day with the thought that they will give their employer the least effort possible and still get by in order to collect a regular paycheck.

So, is that a good idea? Quite frankly, that is a really dumb idea to say the least.

Changing Times and Changing Careers

Unlike many of our parents that worked for the same employer or maybe two at the most in their lifetimes, many of us today will find ourselves working for half-dozen or more companies before all is said and done.

The bottom line is that today’s economy dictates that people move around much more than they did even a few decades ago. Translation is you’re more than likely going to find yourself working at different jobs for different reasons over time.

So, with that being the case for millions of workers, what should go into your performance at each stop along the way in order for you to stand out?

Among the things to make sure you are giving each and every day are:

1. Positive attitude – We all have days where it is struggle to feel totally motivated and energetic about the workday. When those days hit, take a look at how you can still contribute and leave your mark for the day. The last thing an employer or your co-workers for that matter need is a negative attitude in the office. If you plan on coming to work with one of those attitudes, call in sick and spare your boss and co-workers the suffering;

2. Extra credit – Remember back in school when teachers would give you extra credit on certain assignments? The same can hold true at work, although now you may get a gift card or some other small show of appreciation as opposed to being able to get out of class a few minutes early. Look for ways in your department at work on how you can go beyond your daily responsibilities and have an impact;

3. Ask questions – While no boss or co-worker/s wants an employee interrupting others every five minutes with questions, don’t be afraid to ask them if it makes doing your job easier or more productively. Asking questions about your job also shows you are interested in getting it right the first time around. It can be scary, especially in a new position to speak up and ask questions, but your co-workers and boss will be more appreciative of you doing that as opposed to having to clean up your mess;

4. Promote your company – With the age of social media here to stay for the foreseeable future, don’t be afraid to promote your company to those on the outside. With hitting a few keystrokes, you can promote all the good things that your company is doing on different social media sites for the entire world to know. This will also help in attracting new talent to the company, bringing the company potential business proposals, and allowing everyone to prosper as the business grows;

5. Look at the bigger picture – Probably the most annoying question one ever gets asked during a job interview is where do you see yourself in five years? Well, if you knew the answer to that question, you’d also probably be playing the lottery on a regular basis. With that being said, do not view your job as just a temporary stop along the roadside. View it more as an opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to an employer. If you are just there to pick up a paycheck for a few months or a year or two, it will quickly become evident to others.

There are many ways to get attention at your job; make sure they are positive and not negative means by which you stand out at the end of the day.

Dave Thomas, who covers among other topics workers compensation and credit card processing, writes extensively for, an online resource destination for businesses of all sizes to research, find, and compare the products and services they need to run their businesses.

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