Can Your Advertising Campaign Recruit Future Candidates for You?

It's no secret that a great advertising strategy can help increase your sales and awareness in the minds of customers. However, if you are in charge of recruiting new employees for your company, you might be wondering if advertising has an effect on your ability to recruit new people. Here are various reasons that ads can help you bring in future employees:

Brand Clarification

Before you can persuade someone, you first have to connect on a common understanding. By seeking to be understood first, you have a platform to build from. Advertising lets you tell your unique story. By telling this story, you are revealing unique parts of your brand that recruits can resonate with. It's okay if they disagree with it. You'll repel the wrong candidates and attract the right ones through your branding efforts.

Relationship Building

People want to work with others who they know, like, and trust. In order to build trust, you need to create a relationship with your audience. In the case of bringing in more new employees, potential recruits are your audience. Ads can actually start this relationship too.

Email marketing is an effective example of this. Using email marketing best practices can help to create long term sales funnels. Essentially, you encourage someone to join your list. Once they do this, you are free to follow up with them consistently over time. Eventually they will buy your product if they like what they see. Imagine the power of convincing recruits to "buy" into your company mission over a series of several weeks or months.


You only have one chance to make a first impression on potential hires. Have you ever discovered a really impressive ad campaign before you knew about the company itself? This is the first impression at work. How you are introduced to someone or something, such as a company, will filter how you see them for the foreseeable future.

Word of Mouth

Nothing is more primal to human communication than word of mouth. It's the oldest form of marketing and persuasion. By advertising, you can create indirect advertising for positions by people who see your ads and share them with friends who might be looking for a job in your industry. It's one more asset in your recruitment toolbox.


One of the key tenets of effective recruiting is building excitement in your prospect. You can emotionally create excitement with smart advertising. Even if you have a "boring" product or service, you can find ways to instill a long-lasting effect that motivates recruits to reach out to you.

Increased Sales

A rising tide floats all boats. That is to say that when one aspect of your business does well, it tends to help out the other aspects as well.

For example, if your advertising campaign does well, it increases your sales. With increased sales you have more money to invest in customer service, branding, and offices. This improved reputation and position in the marketplace can influence job seekers in your market, leading them to respect your company more and desire to work with you over competitors.

Direct Recruitment Ads

You can simply bypass all of the indirect methods and use direct recruitment ads. Instead of going for subtlety, this method is direct. You simply state that you are hiring for certain positions. This is a great opportunity to come out and say exactly what makes your company special and why someone should want to work for you. This direct recruitment advertising can often work wonders, so don't underestimate it.

If you find yourself wondering how to get more qualified candidates working for you, then you might be feeling overwhelmed. Luckily, you don't have to. Advertising can actually be a powerful way to attract great employees to your company. Use the framework above to get more recruits and boost your business' potential today.

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