All companies at one time hire new employees. An entrepreneur requires personnel to execute his/her plans. When a company is formed, it must hire a workforce. Companies also recruit new employees when there is a shortage. The hiring process is therefore inevitable for all organizations. When a company requires new employees, it advertises the vacancies on media outlets such as newspapers. In the advert, the necessary qualifications are highlighted.


However, there are other required qualities that an employer may require in new employees. The employer usually stores the information about the additionally needed conditions in his/her personal computer. The employer can adopt encryption solutions for storage of this data. This is to ensure that the information doesn’t leak to employees especially if the employer intends to promote some workers.


Hiring is a process that should be handled very carefully. When an incompetent employee is hired, he/she is unable to deliver what is expected. It is therefore crucial to thoroughly screen candidates during the recruitment process. A good employee should embrace the values of the company and be self-driven. Other than personal qualities of the recruits, there exist other vital factors that should be considered during recruitment. These include:


  1. Adequate knowledge of employment laws

The employer should be conversant with employment laws in the particular jurisdiction. Rules vary from one place to another. Violation of the laws can lead to substantial financial loses to the company. This happens when the employer fails to honor a particular right that an employee is entitled to. The employee may choose to file a lawsuit in a court. If the suit is successful, the employer will be forced to pay penalties to the disgruntled employee. It is therefore crucial for the employee to be conversant with employment laws.

A lawyer can be helpful to an employer who is not conversant with the employment laws of an area. The internet is also another resourceful source of employment laws. It is advisable to search for the laws of the particular area where the company is situated. This is because certain laws are different and only apply for specific jurisdictions.



  1. Implementation of hiring policies

The next step in hiring process is the development of a hiring policy. This is a set of principles that define what employers require in employees. Hiring policies do not necessarily mean that the employer will get the best employees from the applicant’s lot. It instead help to develop good interpersonal relationships between the employee and the employer. In crafting the hiring policies, it is essential to refer to the following aspects:


  • Discrimination and accommodation. An employer should not discriminate a candidate because of certain conditions such as pregnancy. Some states require companies to hire a certain number of people with disabilities. Human rights laws prohibit the inclusion of certain information on the application forms. This includes information that appears discriminative such as disabilities. An employer is therefore required to adhere to the relevant aspects of recruitment. Dwelling on discriminatory elements such as disabilities is discouraged


  • Checking references. In some jobs it is mandatory to check the background of the employees. An example is in the recruitment of an individuals who are tasked with providing care to children. Such a person should have high integrity. The employer should however be careful when checking a candidate’s background. Some social media platforms may contain defamatory information about a candidate. Using this information to disqualify the candidate may prompt him/her to file a lawsuit.


  1. Intensive training of hiring staff

Recruitment is a very delicate exercise. Choosing the wrong employees can adversely affect a company. It is therefore crucial to place great emphasis on getting the best recruits. An employer should train the recruitment staff on the recruitment procedures. The staff should be made aware of the legal requirements. This will ensure that the best employees are hired in compliance with the law.


Hiring is, without doubt, one of the most crucial processes in a company. Qualified and competent staff always deliver what is expected of them. Under qualified employees are unable to execute their duties. Compliance with the employment laws is also crucial. A company that complies with these laws avoids unnecessary financial losses. It is therefore advisable to be careful during hiring.

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