The career field you choose to enter can affect your financial future. Job scarcity in specific fields, for example, can result in either being unemployed or underemployed. And with interest rates on student loans creeping up and other financial obligations digging you deeper and deeper into debt, you'd want to jump into a profession that's stable and can generate livable wages. Here are five career fields that are poised to produce more jobs in the next decade than other industries. Whether you're a student or a young professional looking to transition to a new field, knowing these viable career paths is vital to growing your retirement nest.

Software Development

As more and more startups are being produced, more software engineers and web developers are needed to fill in these positions. In fact, the job is expected to grow by as much as 34 percent over the next decade. As a software developer, you will be working in teams to build and maintain the back-end infrastructure and digital products of tech startups as well as help these companies analyze and securely store their data. Software developers can make anywhere between $80,000 to $120,000 plus a variety of perks, such as stock options and free meals. In addition, software development jobs are very diverse, with professionals being able to work on mobile applications, responsive websites, video games, augmented reality, and so on.

Financial Services

If you enjoy crunching numbers and have strong arithmetic ability, you can find financial services to be a rewarding field. CPAs or certified public accountants help companies provide their employees with pension plans and retirement accounts. Over the next decade, growth in the financial services sector is expected to rise up to 18 percent. The average annual salary of CPAs is $74,000 while financial advisers make up to $100,000 per year. The latter is expected to enjoy a 41 percent growth on available jobs. If you prefer to focus more on the numbers and less on customer service, a job in statistics may be a better fit. Statisticians use analytics and data crunching to make the best possible decisions.

Physical Therapy

A lot of physicians will send their patients to the hands of a capable physical therapist for a broad range of physical conditions, from musculoskeletal injuries to neurological damage. As a physical therapist, you will be working to evaluate patients, examine medical records, and design rehabilitative exercises that will help improve their mobility and strength. The career outlook for physical therapy jobs is promising, with an expected 34 percent growth or 72,000 new jobs to be added over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is in part due to the increasing geriatrics population who are at a higher risk of suffering from physical impairments than other demographics. The median salary of physical therapists is $84,000 but can increase to six figures as you get more experience.


The high-stress occupation of sales remains one of the most solid job markets out there. As the digital age continues to change how consumers behave and buy stuff, a new breed of salespeople is needed to accommodate them. Salespeople offer advice to consumers and help companies establish strong relations with their target market. Sales executives are also in great demand to help motivate employees and drive revenues and growth. Sales directors can make up to $150,000 per year while senior executives make upwards of $120,000.

Mid-Level Management

As the name implies, mid-level management pertains to the middle management branch of an organization. While most people try to land a top-level management job, there is serious money to be made while working as a branch supervisor, regional director, or risk management manager. The latter pertains to professionals who assistant clients in reducing risk and keeping firms protected against potentially crippling risks. By 2024, mid-level management positions are expected to increase by 24 percent, with managers making up to $108,000.

These career fields pay well, but make sure to pursue one that best aligns with your intrinsic values and passions. Only by choosing what most interests you can you thrive and continuously grow as a professional. Start figuring out your future career with these five high-paying, in-demand job positions.

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