After you've trained to be a medical assistant online, the next step is finding employment. While most interviews still take place in person, many employers will also conduct phone interviews.


Here are 7 tips for nailing the phone interview and getting the job you want:


1. Confirm and write down the details. Nothing will make a worse impression than not calling at the right time, or not answering when they call you. Make sure you know the date, the time, whether they are calling you or you are calling them, and if you are calling them, the phone number and extension, if there is one.


2. Be on time. You don't have to allow for traffic, but it's still important to make sure that you're on time. Settle down with the phone 10 minutes before the scheduled time, take some deep breaths, and gather any information or paperwork you need. If you're calling in, call one minute before the scheduled time, in case you misdial, get a busy signal, or otherwise run into a snag.


3. Smile, smile, smile! They can't see your face through the phone, but a smile can definitely be heard. Keep in mind that working as a medical assistant means you might occasionally need to interact with patients or other medical professionals over the phone, so your phone persona counts for a lot. Keep a smile plastered on your face and let it transform your voice into a positive, enthusiastic tone that gets you the job.


4. Focus and cut out all distractions. Send the kids outside to play, turn off the television and the stereo, close the laptop, and focus on the interview. Have a pen and paper handy to jot down notes or questions that you want to ask later.


5. Speak clearly. You're in the comfort of your own home, and maybe you're even dressed in sweats since no one will see you. But it's important that you not be too relaxed. Speak clearly, and use appropriate language. Don't use slang.


6. Stay connected by using the right phone for the job. Cell phones are a constant these days, and for the most part, they can be pretty reliable. But let's face it, calls still get dropped. If you're not in a moderately sized city or town, but instead living in a more rural area, chances are much higher of your call being dropped. Use a landline instead, and if the weather is inclement and you're concerned about the power going out, consider using a corded landline so that a power outage won't affect your interview at all.


7. Send a thank you note. You may not have been in their office, but they still took time out of their day to talk to you. Send a thank you note to show that you appreciate the time they took, and to remind them that you're eager to have the job. It makes an excellent impression.


Use these tips, and relax, knowing that you gave it your best!

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