Career Planning…. New Years Resolutions

For those who read my blog, you'll know I've recently changed jobs, and I've been pretty slack in posting here in the last year.  Some will say "again?" others have been congratulatory, I have to say it has been an interesting experience.  I'm 37 years old and I'm into my 5th professional job (not counting the moss farming, kitchen hand and service station attendant during University and high school).  Being the new boy again, facing those nerves of the unknown, will they like me? will I like them?   This one had extra pressure as I was headhunted there... Can I perform like they think I can? Don't worry loyal readers, I'm a confident bugger, put on the "fake it til you make it" cape and head into it.   After all, starting the week before Christmas, can't be THAT busy can it?

Well, not really, but it was a good time to get to know the place, the people, try to figure out where I will fit in, how the politics works and how I can possibly add value to the place in 2012 and beyond.  Love it when I get the chance to critically think!

Here' the kicker though... this time of year, seems to be the time of reflection, time of self evaluation and of course time to set the direction for one's future.  

So, how does that work when you've only just started a new job?  Is it something you actively plan towards? Do you tell your new boss your plans or just file it away for a later date?   You have lots of conversations in the discovery meetings when deciding to join a company  or not, you have your say, they have theirs and if there is alignment, you jump in boots and all.  However, this idea, this plan or goal, only came to me whilst cleaning my gutters out over the weekend.  It isn't a game changer, but it is a game enhancer for me.  I think it is doable in a 5 year timeline with my current company, just wonder if they would?  This just means that 2012 will be an interesting one, hopefully not as eventful as 2011 for me, as I look forward to enjoying it from a career point of view.

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