Celebrating Women in Business – A Personal Journey

Over the coming months, I am pleased and delighted to be attending several events hosted by, and focusing on, Women in Business. This isn’t just a great networking opportunity, it’s a real chance to empower other women in business. And a chance to be a part of the recruitment industry as it moves forward and evolves. Personally, I’m especially passionate about learning new things, being inspired and, hopefully inspiring others around me, to take control of what their own working life should, and can be.

In my own career role as an Investment Business Consultant, I get to live my passion for Recruitment by Investing in, supporting and recognising the talents of dedicated and passionate recruiters. More than ever, we’re seeing women starting up on their own and refusing to play by the old rules. That’s why these types of events are pivotal when it comes to supporting and developing the skills of other women have an incredible amount of talent and knowledge to offer.

Now, in my early 40’s, I’m speaking to the women who are coming up through the ranks of working life, behind my generation. It’s often difficult to explain to them just how much things have changed in the workplace, even from when I started out as a receptionist, a mere 25 years ago. The changes in how women’s intelligence and skillsets are perceived within the workplace have come on leaps and bounds, but there’s no doubt there’s plenty of room for improvement, especially in certain sectors such as technology.

I’ve been lucky enough to have experienced a wide range of careers in a number of industries from Diamonds to Aviation, but my heart has always been in recruitment. I love the fact that no 2 days are ever the same, and that the industry itself is constantly evolving. Becoming an Entrepreneur in this Industry means a real work-life balance, with financial independence, is utterly ours for the taking!

The women who have gone before me, have most definitely paved the way for my generation of working career women. Some of them have been fairly hardline and didn’t always leave the door open behind them, but they did stand out as roles models in society for their achievements. Every little girl born in the late ’70s believed she could become Prime Minister, be a Newsreader or even Princess Leia.

One of my own personal heroes is Scientist Dr Jess Wade, who has embarked on a campaign to add as many female scientists to Wikipedia as possible. Through her campaign to bring to light these “Hidden Figures”, Nasa has finally renamed it’s IV&V Facility in Fairmont, West Virginia, after Katherine Johnson. A mathematician who was essential in getting the human race into space. Of course, there is still plenty more to be done, but bigger steps are finally being taken. One small step for women, one giant leap for Equality, should be the mantra for the Women in Business of the future.

More than ever, there an increasing number of women joining the ranks of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Senior Management, Directorships and Board Members. And although the glass ceiling hasn’t yet been shattered, with the support and investment of other women in Industry, vital changes are finally taking place. Progression is now an essential part of our job descriptions and Equal Pay for Equal Jobs is finally becoming set in legislation.

These types of events stand out for me as a benchmark for future progression in terms of women continuing to find their rightful place within the workforce. I‘m always proud to consider myself as part of the Women in Business network and the genuine support, and access to unlimited skills it provides.

I hope to see many of you at the events I’ll be attending as Women in Business continue to inspire and create change.

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