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Why Communication is Key

Over the weekend, we saw how the general public responded to the government advice concerning self-isolation and it wasn’t what the government had hoped for. Swathes of people headed to parks and beaches, stating the advice wasn’t clear enough. It doesn’t matter if it’s in business or politics, goals need to be communicated clearly from the top-down.…


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Times Are Changing – What does this mean for The Recruitment Industry

With unprecedented numbers of people working from home, the one thing that has been highlighted is that the UK’s digital infrastructure is pretty robust. Companies who decide to invest in their employees in terms of trust and support will come out on top. But for companies who can’t or won’t invest, we are going to see a huge upswing in the candidate…


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Simple Steps For Managing Remote Teams

Many people are working from home for the first time due to the current situation, but this doesn’t mean it will affect your team's productivity or output. Having managed both national and international teams in previous roles, I’ve learnt that making sure your team have consistent goals, and the tools available to achieve them with is…


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Top Ten Tips for Working from Home

We are lucky enough to be living through times where technology can support businesses and keep the economy going.

Here are my top tips for working from home.

  1. Get dressed each morning. As tempting as it is to stay in your pyjamas, don’t. Getting dressed changes your mindset and reminds you still need to be working.
  2. Use a…

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Why Do We Need Personal Branding?

As we head into a new decade, the days of a separate work and home personality are long gone. People want to be themselves at work, and the separation of home and work life is no longer a reality. In all honesty, it’s unlikely it could have been sustained as the world we work in continues to change. Technology has a great deal to do with adding to the…


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The Icarus Complex versus Imposter Syndrome

Behavioural psychology in the workplace is a key factor when it comes to understanding each organisations environment and culture. Our personalities are assessed, and our strengths and weaknesses are identified, or are they?

Many of us will have heard the term imposter syndrome and some of us may even be a victim of it. This…


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Who’s leading The Way When It Comes to Global Female Start-ups?

As an advocate for women in business, I’m always interested in the available statistics and metrics around female-led and female-owned businesses across all sectors, not just recruitment. A recent report by the House of Commons actually dedicates a whole section to Women in Business on a global scale, and the findings are intriguing.

You may…


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The Secret Psychologist

Any recruiter knows that gaining an insight into both your clients and candidates is the key to being successful. Without even realising it, recruiters apply certain aspects of both Industrial and Organisational Psychology. It’s about getting to know the emotions and pathologies of your candidates to ensure you place them in the right role. With the…


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What is the 4th Industrial Revolution?

The Robots are Coming!

The term the fourth industrial revolution has been coined to describe the developing environment in which new and disruptive technologies and trends, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are impacting the way we live and…


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The Importance of “Women In Business” Networks

I have been privileged to recently attend several Women In Business Network meetings, including a meeting of The Athena Network lead by @emmarundle and, of course, the inspiring Women In Business Expo, held for the first time this year at Farnborough. The rise in this style of connecting women who own their own business, or are succeeding in their…


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8 Reasons Why We Might Not Invest in Your Business

It’s no secret that I love following my passion for recruitment and helping recruiters to achieve their dream of financial freedom and independence. We’re currently working with over 200 of our portfolio clients to ensure they successfully attain their personal goal of…


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Defining the Psychology of Entrepreneurship

When you’re running your own business, its import to understand the mindset you’ll need to achieve the success you want. A theory put forward by psychologist David McClelland, a Harvard professor, offers that entrepreneurs possess a need for achievement which drives their activity and their ability to achieve success.

 Entrepreneurs display and…


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Celebrating Women in Business – A Personal Journey

Over the coming months, I am pleased and delighted to be attending several events hosted by, and focusing on, Women in Business. This isn’t just a great networking opportunity, it’s a real chance to empower other women in business. And a chance to be a part of the recruitment industry as it moves forward and evolves. Personally, I’m especially…


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Online Marketing is the Key to Opening New Doors

When it comes to promoting your business, the most effective way to reach a wider audience is to make the most of online marketing. A significant majority of us now access the internet for goods and services from a mobile device, such as a phone, tablet or laptop. The days of the stationary desktop at home. We’ve all had our heads stuck in our phones…


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Entrepreneurs Thrive with the Support of Family and Friends

Recruiters are driven by their passion for the industry. The lure is the ever-changing responsibilities which surround the overall processes, but ultimately its about making placements and filling bookings. When it comes to making the decision to run your own recruitment business, there are several different factors to consider.

Identifying the reasons for wanting to become your own boss often stem from personal motivations, such as financial freedom and flexible working hours. The…


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What are the Steps to Developing an Effective Business Strategy?

The importance of having an effective business strategy in place should never be underestimated. A strategic plan defines how to achieve the goals you want to attain from for your business. If you want your company to achieve growth and evolve within the market place, having clear goals and tasks in place with achievable deadlines is essential. It…


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What is Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace?

The notion of emotional intelligence was captured by psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer in a landmark article back in 1990. EQ is classified as the ability to identify, evaluate, and manage emotional responses in those around you, as well as your own self.

What does Emotional Intelligence Look like?

As a…


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Analytics and Artificial Intelligence – What do They Mean for the Future of Recruitment?

The nature of a successful recruiter has always been the ability to match the right candidate to the right role. Being able to spot the key skills, and knowing if a candidate is the right fit for a companies’ culture, is what sets the top billers apart from their colleagues. As humans, we’re able to make these judgements based on facts which are often…


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There's no need to Wait for Independence

It’s never too late to choose your own path when it comes to running your own business. When I’m talking to prospective clients one of the things I hear most is that they wish they’d done it 10 years ago. The main thing for me when I hear this is the fact that desire to be their own boss and build something they can be proud of, has never gone…


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