Create More Autonomy in Your Hiring Department

Your HR department is swamped with resume intake and review, job post creation, interviews, and onboarding. If you’re a hiring manager or recruiter but also have your hands in all other tasks, it can be impossible to focus your efforts where it really matters — on sourcing and hiring new talent.

You could always clone yourself to get more done, but a more realistic approach is to create a workplace centered on employee empowerment. Enabling your subordinates to take ownership of various tasks and run with them gives you the opportunity to do what you’re best at without becoming bogged down by peripheral things. The secret is autonomy.

What’s the Big Deal about Autonomy?

Letting go of total control of your employees can be difficult, but it’s important for both freeing your time and helping your staff thrive. Autonomy also promotes a happier and more productive culture, as employees directly benefit from greater flexibility and increased faith from their managers.

How to Create Autonomy

If your department lacks this kind of empowered environment there are several things to consider. First, define what autonomy means in your organization or department. When you know what you’re working toward, carrying out the necessary steps will be easier.

If you want to encourage better success, more job satisfaction, and increased productivity, consider these ways to create the right environment for independence:

  • Set Employees up for Success

Providing your staff members with the right training will allow you to relinquish control over tasks and allow them to perform their roles with confidence. When you doubt that your team is properly trained to get the job done, you will likely keep your hands tightly on the reins.

  • Define Boundaries

Autonomy doesn’t simply allow your team members to do whatever they want. Instead, it means they all work toward the same goals and under the same standards, but with more freedom to take personal ownership. Setting expectations and structuring how you’ll measure results gives everyone clear parameters.

  • Reward Good Work

Your team members will more likely excel when they know they’re on the right track and doing a great job. Ensuring they feel this way requires praise on your part. Recognizing employees who excel at working autonomously will boost their confidence and give others the incentive to reap the rewards for themselves.

A workplace based on autonomy is productive, efficient, and filled with satisfied and inspired people. It takes effort to create a culture of independence, but the results are worth it for both your own potential and the benefit of your entire team.

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