Day 17 - Job Hunting Optimism is Essential so long as it’s not Fantasy #myjobhunt

As #myjobhunt has progressed I have been considering options and opportunities in Central London.

I have not worked in London on a daily basis since 1986! Back then they still had horse drawn carriages, smog and the Thames was frozen! For anyone too young not to remember 1986, I’m only kidding, but it was a long time ago. Canary Warf hadn’t been built; PC’s were so new that some companies had one! The world has changed, and so have I. Definitely older and hopefully wiser. Back then I was in IT, in a real sense, I was a techie, working in what we used to call datacentres, rooms the size of football pitches to house computers that had less power and storage than my iPhone.

So having decided that I will consider London for the right opportunity I am trying to spend a day a week if I can, meeting people or interviewing at companies in London. Day 17 was that day this week.

I had four meetings/interviews lined up for Day 17; the first one to start at 10am and the last one to start at 6.30pm, so a long day of 4square check-ins and coffees ahead of me. I was quite excited about the day and in particular two of the meetings.

The first meeting didn’t go well at all and it was my fault. I hadn’t engaged my brain properly until I got to speak to the third person in that company and am afraid I didn’t “sell” myself very well to the first two. By the time I met the last person I was with it, but I fear I may have compromised my chances. Disappointed to say the least, but the conversation has given me thoughts for further blog posting once I have a job.

The second meeting was a treat and a real surprise. I’d love to speak freely about this person and his company but I would be breaking his confidence and that’s not good practice. The whole meeting had me on the edge of my seat the enthusiasm, the knowledge around Social Media and new technologies and the expansive thoughts and plans. Hopefully more to follow up on with that one. Could lead to something in the longer term as well. Exciting stuff.

Meeting three was at LinkedIn. I was aware from speaking with them previously that they were looking for a Head of Resourcing, however the role is based in Dublin and therefore ruling me out of consideration. Anyone interested in this one let me know and I’ll put you in touch. So my hopes were up because of my relationship with LinkedIn over the last 3 years, but it was not to be. For someone like me who is a big advocate of the power and value of Social Media, the prospect, no matter how slim, of a job with LinkedIn was going to get me excited. Anyone who has read other posts in this series and the very first one I wrote in Sept 09 will know that I created a social network for in-house recruiters called The Forum for In-house Recruitment Managers - The FIRM - all of it within LinkedIn and thus have always a good relationship with them, in this country and in the US, and it was good to catch-up and share thoughts on the general impact of Social Media on both recruiting and job hunting.

The final meeting of the day was again full of promise but the more we spoke about the proposition the more challenges I could see and the more issues I found in it. This is not being critical of the idea or the business proposition, nor its need. It was purely the risk factor for me at the moment. However I did like what I heard, hope it is a successes and that can play a part in it – if of course I am not otherwise engaged when it matures.

During the day I was able to confirm a 5th telephone interview – yes the one I’ve been trying to have for over a week, the 6th interview which will be a meeting and the 7th and final with the big boss flying in from the USA next week. All extremely exciting.

So why was did I feel disappointed then? I don’t really know. I was sitting on the train home at 8.30pm feeling a bit deflated. It took a 30-second reality check from my Twitter buddies and my wife to make me realize that I was disappointed because I had unrealistic expectations of the day. That and the disappointing performance in the first meeting.

Music of Day 17 was The Rover by Led Zeppelin

What did I learn today? Don’t go to a meeting or interview with my head up my arse, get it turned on and tuned into the mood and tone of the meeting and be thoughtful about responses and answers. I’ve learned with The FIRM that for every thing I know and can pass onto others there are 100 other people who know things I don’t and from whim I can learn. Have to listen and learn. I forgot this yesterday. And of course have realistic expectations. Optimism is essential so long as it’s not fantasy.

Just in case you are wondering what my background is more can be found at

or at where my full contact details can be found

Thanks for reading

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