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This one is all about me – #myjobhunt 2011

It seems frightening to think that it has been nearly a year.

A little over a year ago, in fact at the end of next week it will be a year, that I made the decision to change jobs.


Time flies when having fun.

Little did I suspect how that decision would impact me and how the activities of last summer and the people I would meet would change my life. I’m not talking about a change so inspiring that an afternoon TV drama could be made of it.  But it did change me, for… Continue

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"What does the recruitment industry compete on?"

Recently I was asked "What do you think are the key factors that the recruitment industry competes on?"

My Answer:

You have to think about what you are competing for. Are agencies and…


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Day 19 - Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters – I am learning much, are you? #myjobhunt

Today I tried to get back into the mood of the first two weeks, focused on how to try and build again a strong pipeline of opportunity. I knew I didn’t have the time to focus on it today but I had to think it through. Over the…


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Day 18 - Job Hunting means having to say Goodbye & Thank You, then Striding on #myjobhunt

Day 18 was dominated by it being my last day in my current job and the day my gardening leave honeymoon period came to an end. All of the company property needed to be returned; laptop and power lead, PDA, fuel card, company…


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Day 17 - Job Hunting Optimism is Essential so long as it’s not Fantasy #myjobhunt

As #myjobhunt has progressed I have been considering options and opportunities in Central London.

I have not worked in London on a daily basis since 1986! Back then they still had horse drawn carriages, smog and the…


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Day 13 - Hey! Pay Attention, I’m Looking for a Job #myjobhunt

My name is Gary Franklin. I am a successful in-house recruitment manager with 13 years recruitment experience and I am looking for a new job. Further details of my background can be found at…


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Day 12 - You Can’t find a Job Without Talking #myjobhunt

Having spent 11 days, plus the intervening weekends online working, either as part of #myjobhunt or on activities for The FIRM, my wife convinced me to take a day off and to be honest I was ready for it. So what did I do? I got…


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Day 11 - Small Details & Attitude=Big Impact #myjobhunt

This is the start of Week 3

After the activities of Day 10, I definitely needed the weekend to recharge the batteries. The problem I now have is that the days are actually blurring into each other; what is a work day…


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Day 9 - Deep Breathing and a Breath of Reality in #myjobhunt

After yesterday’s (ok earlier today but still Day 8) comments about optimism, disappointment and realistic expectations it won’t surprise you to know that I was a bit frustrated today with a feeling of impatience and yes, a little disappointment. This was despite reflection and writing Day 8 first thing today. Maybe it was to be expected.



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Day 8 - 1 Step Backwards – 2 Steps Forwards, #myjobhunt

This is supposed to be my Day 8, but due to social activities at the end of said day I have to write it at the very start of Day 9 and before I do anything else.

It is hard to reflect on Day 8 and get myself into the right frame of mind to write about it. 2-3 minutes jotting down all of the key points from yesterday put some order to it though and a different perspective.

It has to be said that the first few hours was spent doing a load of housekeeping, filing (yeah right… Continue

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Day 10 - Friday 13th, Interviews, new shoes and wet suits #myjobhunt

I have now been actively looking for a new job for 2 whole weeks. This is Day 10. I’m counting the days as those on which I actively seek work, or at least should be. 2 weeks wow!! I remember sitting in the office on my last day thinking it is so cool to have August off – I can enjoy the summer and relax. I expect this is pretty much how everyone else would react too.…


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Day 6 - Mondays; Another Start to New Opportunities in #myjobhunt

I hear you asking “where did Day 6 go” on Saturday? Well it went fishing; yup I had a day off from #myjobhunt

And a very pleasant 7 hours it was too. The fish thought so too, they were quite comfortable at the bottom of the lake, not giving my flies a second glance. Well one did and I bet all its buddies were having a right laugh at it.…


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Day 5 - London's Calling - but using Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook for #myjobhunt

So this was the first day that I wasn’t going to turn on a PC all day and thus would have to rely for the most part on email and the phone, although with my iPhone I wasn’t going to be too far out of the loop. At the moment that is a good thing I can tell you.

So, where to start?

Over the last couple of days I have met a number of people as you will have…


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Day 4 - The Gambler and the Acer spades – I think

My Day 4 started incredibly early 03:15 to be precise. No idea why I woke up but just couldn’t get back into a proper sleep.…


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Learning Lessons the Hard way or Hard Lessons to Learn – same words different perspective! - Day 3

As you probably know by now I am looking for a job. In fact my job at the moment is to find job.…


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Hunted to Hunter – tales of a hirer who needs hiring - Day 1

Today I find myself in a place that I had hoped never to return to, at least not just yet. I now have to apply myself to the recruiting merry-go-round as an applicant. It will be interesting to note if I will see in myself some of the behaviours seen from the other side of the fence. More importantly it will be very interesting to see how…


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Fishing in the Net and Slapped by a Wet Fish? - Day 2

I have here’s how and why…


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Two Tribes – The Battle for Respect (or handbags at dawn!)

I think we will all agree that Inhouse Recruiters (IHR) and suppliers don’t always see eye-to-eye, in the majority of cases I would say that we might as well be in a different markets, who’d have thought we are all in recruitment! The biggest rift is in the non-relationship between agencies and theirs customers, which…


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