Day 4 - The Gambler and the Acer spades – I think

My Day 4 started incredibly early 03:15 to be precise. No idea why I woke up but just couldn’t get back into a proper sleep.

As stated at the end of yesterday’s Blog I was very determined to buy a laptop today. I would’ve preferred to get a MacBook Pro, having been convinced over the last week that I wouldn’t be stupid doing so. But I could not justify the cost. And despite speaking with people, who on a daily basis have to justify costs and expenses, could anyone else justify it either; “Best kit I ever bought” and “it looks so cool” just didn’t cut it.

So PC it was.

However that wasn’t the first interaction of the day.

One my way into Reading today I had a long chat with Marilyn Davidson at APSCo. The conversation was I two parts; obviously talked about me, duh! And ideas for some short term consulting work – maybe helping agencies understand the corporate mindset and processes – while I am hopefully going the through the interview processes for longer term commitments. Worth further exploration me thinks. We also chatted at equal length about RPO and the risk and dangers caused by some of the terms imposed by RPO providers and the impact to the smaller suppliers. Gave me an idea for a potential The FIRM featured event.

I was in Reading to meet with James Harrison of iCIMS for coffee. It was good to chat about sourcing, talent pooling and talent management in general. Well that and his view on laptops. 2 hours well spent.

If I think of Day 4 in quarters, then that first part was easy and very enjoyable, the second quarter was like pulling teeth. Yes you guessed it; buying a Laptop from PC World. I did end up with the one I think I wanted but I walked out of the store in a daze. It took so long. All I remember is that it is black and I can pick it up tomorrow!

So the time is 14:00 or there abouts and how has any of this helped move #myjobhunt (Twitterspeak) forward. Dunno.

But then through the rest of the day I had long discussions with another 7 people. Because of the networks I have in two or three communities, all of whom are related to HR or recruiting, the discussions all day were relevant; whether part of my quest for work or otherwise and when I started each I didn’t know where they would lead. Some have offered assistance (and delivered against their offers) to me in my quest; the other discussions were more in line with The FIRM, interest in which is growing at such a pace both from new members as well as those wishing to sponsor and advertise to members.

I have had general discussions with most of the people, about their interests as well as my circumstances and learned something from each. Thank you.

As you can guess the 3rd quarter was all discussions and I haven’t yet had the last part!

Lesson learned today – Not so much learned, but reinforced, but a lesson worth commenting on nonetheless. Communication is described in the Oxford dictionary as “the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium” – “the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings”

The two important words are underlined. I think you get the message.

What have I accomplished today? Great discussions and sharing of ideas. Some really useful introductions that have resulted and as said before who knows where it will lead. I didn’t go for the close as is the wont of many desperate to see the results. As a result of the discussions I have had this week and the generous assistance of my friends; I have a list of new people to connect with on Monday. And I got a new laptop!

Music of the Day – A Million Miles Away by Rory Gallagher

To put you out of any misery you might have sunk in to. On Day 2 I mentioned another blog I had read and would follow up on. Well I did read it and great as it is, the angle of pursuit would be all wrong for me. So you can stop wondering now.

Day 5 can’t come soon enough – I am really enjoying this. I am in London tomorrow.

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