Day 9 - Deep Breathing and a Breath of Reality in #myjobhunt

After yesterday’s (ok earlier today but still Day 8) comments about optimism, disappointment and realistic expectations it won’t surprise you to know that I was a bit frustrated today with a feeling of impatience and yes, a little disappointment. This was despite reflection and writing Day 8 first thing today. Maybe it was to be expected.
Therefore once I had finished the writing of Day 8, I needed to blow off some steam. I am lucky to live in real rural countryside. I have no neighbours and no roads nearby. Access to my house is via a farm track that has a tendency to wash away in heavy rain. The point is when I step out of my house I am straight into open country and know I will be crowded if I see another person in the distance. I had planned a walk of about 5-6k at full speed walk; up hill, down dale and through the woods. With some exercises at about half way. It did the trick, always does.

I had a number of calls this morning all of which helped to raise my spirits and put a proper perspective on things, two of which came when I was on my walk. Not only did this given be an excuse to do some serious heavy breathing down the phone, but I had a good laugh at the same time. Thanks Lisa, thanks Emma.

The rest of the morning was spent on other calls and tasks, but by the time 2pm had come around and I hadn’t really done too much by way progressing #myjobhunt, and was finding it hard to be inspired today. Maybe it was time for a short day.

I did have a couple of really great chats with couple of CEO’s that I had been introduced to by friends of mine in the recruiting business. However good they were, I had a bee in my bonnet, “must find work”, “must find work today”. I was losing focus.

In Day 8 I said that it was important to take two steps forward for every setback. Today was one of those days when I couldn’t find the two steps forward.

I logged off and concluded the job searching for the day. Or had I? About 5pm it was time for a real finish and to go out. I took my phone with me. This was the best decision I had made all week, taking the phone that is. Whilst I was out I received a phone call from someone I had met at previous networking meetings and follow on Twitter. What a call it was, a real eye opener with a potential opportunity that sounded like a brilliant idea. More on this next week, I hope. I had by this time ventured into the local (well 12 miles away) Waitrose. I was so distracted by this call that I loaded up the belt at checkout only to realise I had nowhere near all of the items I needed. Reloaded the trolley and off I went again. Made the lady of check out laugh.

Then on getting home, my inbox is full of emails; 2 interview confirmations for tomorrow, 1 lovely email of support from someone in the USA, a VP at a large US securities firm, and a promise of a telephone interview from one of the contacts made on Day 8.

The only real downer for the day was on getting to Waitrose and checking in on 4square I was horrified to find out I was no longer mayor. There’s loyalty for you. Bugger.

Music of the Day – Jeepster by Marc Bolan & T-Rex

Two things I have learned today. Don’t give up and when you are job hunting be available 24/7 and don’t leave your phone at home, you never know who will call or when.

The other thing of great importance to me personally was a reflection, inspired by my wife, on how I felt today relative to the previous Days. For the best part of today I was disappointed because nothing positive had happened, but then I hadn’t had a negative either. So I shouldn’t have been disappointed. The major part of today was a normal day when job hunting. On reflection it had been Days 1 through 8 that had been unusual with the amount of positive news and action. I had been fortunate and need to recognise that balance is important and positivity is crucial.

Tomorrow I have two interviews for permanent jobs and a potential telephone interview for contact position and if I don’t blow any of them it will be a good end to the week.

Thanks for reading.

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