How many expressions occasionally pop up to sum up the reality life brings us?  Probably one of the most recent is only two words and the second word is "happens". 

So my self-motivated kid finished up her Freshman year and it wasn't without the sting of reality.  So she slid back and forth in Advanced Math from an A down to a B- throughout the year.  Then there was the final which makes up 25% of the total grade.  Let's just say this particular test was more like a cinder block tossed off the side of a boat with the report card attached to it.

Come to find out...many in the class didn't do so hot on that final. 

So what's the deal?  Did the teacher intentionally draft an really difficult test or was most of the class already mentally on summer vacation?  This is reality.

Anecdote number two.  My four month old A/C failed the building here.  Thank God we have air fresheners with four people blowing hot air all day.  (It's under warranty.)  This is reality.

Those following this journey know I had to leave a boatload of unattended resumes in my e-mail Inbox which makes me crazy. Also, I had over 50 (freaking) voice mail messages and my MRI Yoda teacher told me to ALWAYS call back which I still do to this day.  So when I got in this morning and my 2012 Macbook Pro with Retina display refuses to start, let's just say I went a little mental.  We think it might be a problem with the hinge ribbon power supply thing.  Whatever.  It puts me in a really testy mood right out of the gate.  The stupid thing finally woke up after about 10 minutes.  This is reality.

Next.  I took an hour and 15 minutes to listen to the Recruiting Animal Show which irritated me even more.  Some guy has come up with software that grabs people's LinkedIn connections and magically fills job requisitions.  Never mind what the target person may actually want to do for a living.  That would, of course, take a brain and a telephone to find that out.  (I'm pretty sure this is reality.)

I need to hurry this along because I've got to go pick up the 30 pounds of chicken I made for the soccer banquet tonight (because the parents were supposed to bring a dish to pass for 70 people).

This, my friends, is my own "hump day" agitation.  I'm like this on Wednesdays and my family tends to avoid me.  All three of the recruiters here left wishing me a "good night".  :) 

Thursday and Friday is GO TIME!  Today I got my first two send-outs since I started this and I'm going to try to push for some more. 

We'll see.  And then we'll be able to make lemonade out of... you know.

- Steve

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