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2014: Tougher than Ever to be a Recruiter

What a great year...2013!  I'm sure for many of you the lump of coal for 2013 will the be taxes you owe.  Obviously, the flip side of that is that if your recruiting practice isn't on an upward climb right now, you might want to review what's going on.  I just finished working out on the elliptical for an hour and watched a documentary on the initiating boot…


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The Sleeping Monster

I've got to get something off my chest. 

So here's the thing.  I'm going to do my darned hardest to scrub any USA politics from this and keep this zeroed in on recruiting.  You people are bright and will get it.  But please, even when you solve the equation, don't try rallying political debate below.  I won't play.

Last night while walking the cockapoo, I was…


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Delight on chaos!

Is laughter really the best medicine?  If you’re a headhunter, it better be. 

Have you ever seen the movie Platoon with (cough, cough) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Charlie Sheen from a million years ago?  Sheen’s character in the movie moves quickly from one vignette to the next leaving watchers of this nail biter breathless for two straight hours.  I remember way…


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Call me a PIRATE and I'll slit your throat!

A Banker, a Doctor, and a Recruiter walk into a bar, two of them leave wanting new jobs.

Indulge me while I play a bit of make believe.  If I didn't live and breathe this business (including an occasional dream about it at night), I think I might actually enjoy reading.  Unfortunately, four score and a zillion years ago when I took the ACT's, my…


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Don't read this. (...unless you LOVE money.)

Get out of my way!  I'm insane in the morning.   Once my silly iPhone alarm goes off, all it takes is the tiny, little thought of firing up my Kuerig and rocking a 20 ounce coffee to get me flying. 

Mere moments into the new day, I'm already thinking and planning my morning activities at work.  Momentum in my mind builds as I travel mentally through to-do's with…


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Strangest JO yet: Meteorologist (Detroit)


Over the weekend, inspired by a recent visit to a spa on vacation, I invested in several very expensive Hungarian goose down pillows.  We happily took…


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INDEED has KILLED privacy!

Please don't flame me if I've been in a coma because I was unaware of this. 

I'm a headhunter in Detroit and 20 minutes ago I received an e-mail from enticing me to search resumes in their database.  There's a big, BOLD announcement that they're getting 2 Million resumes per month.  (Wow!)

I clicked on the conveniently provided link to "Search…


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I got a VOICEMAIL that WASN’T meant for ME!

There’s something about luck.  Luck is fun.  Luck is uncalculated.  Luck gives you an advantage over others.  Luck brings out the best and tinkers with the worst sides of our psyche. 

Sometimes I go to the local casino.  All around me are obnoxious “ding, ding, ding” sounds of those around me suddenly winning millions of dollars.  Or ten.  I digress. …


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I've made 20 placements AFTER my phone broke!!! Here's how...

I'm still in a pissy mood after participating in today's Recruiting Animal Show starring Michael Kelemen and with guest (I'm not saying).  For those of you with iPhones, you can listen to it at 1.5X speed to cut the pain to your mind shorter. 

I can…


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Here's how to HATE a headhunter!

This has been an interesting summer for me as a headhunter.  I discovered two things dedicated to recruiting (in general):  The Recruiting Animal Show (hosted by Michael Kelemen supposedly somewhere in Canada) and  I’ve learned so much!  In addition to that, I've gotten to read and hear all about how so many out there hate recruiters/headhunters…


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Anyone booking NAPS - Vegas? (September 10-13)

Let me know if you're attending this conference.  Would love to connect.

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Recruiting: Skilled Trades (plants)

Anyone presently recruiting or know an agency in the Midwest skilled at recruiting SKILLED TRADES for plants? Let me know.

Steve Nehez - 866-913-5111 x535…


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Day30: Wrapping Up a Month

I have to admit I'm in PARADISE. 

I have my doubts if anyone followed the past 30 days journey into an unknown future when a month ago I decided to dump what I was working on as a recruiter and start from "start". 

For the past four days, I've been tucked away in a little corner of the USA.  There are palm trees, little signs of humanity, gourmet food,…


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Day 24: "Don't stop..."

Any fan of the Sapranos would know that those two words were what we were left with after however many seasons of the show.  And knowing our state of shock as we watched the clock, waiting and hoping for answers, and the damn minute hand kept creeping towards the end of the hour...the director not only tortures us with slicing a chain saw through the Journey song, but then leaves 30 seconds of black screen to stare at.

The magic of the Sapranos really circled around the character…


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Day 23: Frankenclient

Sometimes I wish I would wake up and be one of those recruiters with $5,000 suits from Dubai who tool around in their choice of Ferrari to get to the office. 

I've had this client since 2005.  Back then, I cleaned up, threw a suit on, and made my way to their office.  I met their VP of HR at his office and he was half my size.  I remember.  They were in a mode of expansion.  Within a few months, I had a few placements and soon enough he had hired an HR Generalist to take over the…


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Days 19-22: Jimmy Hoffa

You simply can't imagine what an experience it is to live in the greater Detroit area.

Oh, man, cue the circus music!  It's our annual "Let's FBI'nd Hoffa!" festival.  This year it's being held at a farm field in the neighboring Oakland county.  The Feds were sneaky once again and it wasn't until some of our brightest scholars in the area noticed the huge piece of earth moving equipment and all…


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2013: When "self expression" completely demolished "decorum"

This Father's Day, I'm officially admitting that I'm a "prude".  While I'm at it, I'll also admit that I'm one of those people who doesn't really "get" most song lyrics and if you heard me sing (God forbid) a favorite song, there's no doubt I slaughter the lyrics.  I'll get to that in a minute...

Got a call yesterday from a guy who's a bartender at a local trendy restaurant that we often go…


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Day 18: What'cha know?

Another shot weekend.  I'll be weeding through a ka-zillion resumes over the weekend once again.  Though as a personal highlight I'm looking forward to seeing the Superman movie.  We're cheap so we'll probably hit the matinee.  (Christopher Nolan and comic flicks is a great combo.)

OK so I got the story from one of my clients which is a combination of four companies that merged in the last six months.  They have plants sprinkled throughout the Midwest and guess what... they need…


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Day 17: 2 Minutes

I was involved with a group of professionals and influencers in the metro Detroit area working together on a mission of hope and renewal for the city of Detroit.  It was a volunteer thing and was fun while it lasted but after a while I had to back away because I simply couldn't dedicate the right amount of time on it.

We had a "speed networking" event among the membership to make super-quick introductions between each other.  There was such a variety of people with really diverse…


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Day 15/16: Leeroy Jenkins

I want to draw a parallel and analogy that may confuse some people.  I have a total attitude today and I think I figured out why a lot of people have attitudes about Recruiters (headhunters). 

I hate it here (sometimes).  I live in the most dangerous city on Earth.  Exaggeration?  I think not.  Since I consider myself eternally out of shape, I fired up my jogging program a couple months ago.  I'm up to six miles a day now.  And I live in a city. 

When I chose this place, I…


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