I have to admit I'm in PARADISE. 

I have my doubts if anyone followed the past 30 days journey into an unknown future when a month ago I decided to dump what I was working on as a recruiter and start from "start". 

For the past four days, I've been tucked away in a little corner of the USA.  There are palm trees, little signs of humanity, gourmet food, $400 down pillows (I looked it up), no clouds, nice people, and silence. 

I've jogged 7 miles in the desert...twice.  Swam in 100 degree water.  Had a few cocktails.  And sleep like a baby with an office back home buzzing like a old diesel engine.

These 30 days have produced results that are absolutely exciting and braggable.  Honestly, I was ready to throw myself under the bus with such a silly exercise.

First, KUDOS goes out to my Hero (with a big "H") Jordan Rayboy.  A secondary and equal HURRAH to my friend and peer Keith Davis.  I studied their recruiting techniques and office structure to compose my own hybrid office 'machine' that would cater to our industry in Detroit.  Pizza!  No!  Automotive Engineering.  :) 

What a very cool and endearing approach that I have six people, a dog, and one cat that I can be so proud of.  I think maybe, this type of structure, may, indeed, be copy-able.  Time will tell.

I stopped activity with clients who weren't cooperating.  I marketed.  Spoke to upwards to a thousand candidates and the results are showing.  This all in 30 days including weekends.

You may have your purple squirrels.  We have "albino giraffes".  Same thing.  Just a tad of clarification is important.  I don't like living in Detroit and referring to an impossible search as a squirrel.  Even if it's purple, we have squirrels here and it hits too close to home.  Kind of like a four leaf clover.  Kind of like waiting for the three blazing sevens to hit. 

There aren't giraffes here.  And therefore there isn't even a hint of finding one.  Albino giraffe searches are futile and I dumped them all, with some trepidation, 30 days ago. 

I may allow the ego to present itself for a moment and say that I bet there are recruiters in Detroit who have been hunting the albino giraffe (or five) for the last 30 days that are sitting penniless.  Not me.  I'm not being obnoxious.  Just truthful.

The last 30 days have yielded three disappointing clients that have come back to my well refreshed.  I have new job orders and new order.  We have new rules of engagement.  I'm not being a jerk.  I'm just stating as a matter of certainty that things are more uniform now. 

I have four new clients.  Not only four new clients but one's that have good fortitude to produce multiple placements in the future.  Why?  Because I chose them as time progressed and they are in a state of growth.  Also, because of attrition and turnover in Detroit now, I believe that if I treat them with respect and I craft a solid working B2B business design, we can "help" them as time rolls on.

Our near placements NOW are close to solidification.  My plan is to write a postmortem posting at day 40 when things have settled. 

It looks like we'll be hitting a record month.  I'm not posting revenue figures but for those who need to cleanse themselves from the albino giraffes and want to inquire, I'll happily forfeit more information in private call. 

This system works...surgical mass e-mailing and all. 

I say it now that I'm not some wizard of recruiting sailing the world in a customized boat.  Not even close. 

I have a elite crew of recruiters that work the system and make placements.  (My curiosity is that our per-desk averages are allowing into an impressive top 10% club.  We'll see.)

Signing off from paradise.  I can't wait to see what the chef's whipped up.

Call me.

- Steve

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