Degrees and Dollars: 4 of the Most Lucrative Career Paths

If you're thinking about which career path to pursue and find that salary is immensely important to you, now is the time to determine which vocations are the most lucrative. Below you'll find four of the most lucrative career paths available: 


As noted in Business Insider, anesthesiologists make the highest salaries in the U.S. Specifically, they bring in an average annual salary of $258,100. Another benefit of working in this sector is that the projected growth rate from 2014 to 2024 is 21%. The primary role of the anesthesiologist is administering drugs which enable surgeons to complete invasive, painful procedures without generating extensive discomfort for the patient. The anesthesiologists who generate the highest salaries are found in the following places

• Detroit
• Michigan
• Wichita
• Kansas
• Worcester
• Massachusetts

 Personal Injury Lawyer.

Individuals who are interested in working within the legal sector while also generating substantive revenue should consider the value of pursuing a career as a personal injury lawyer. These individuals earn an average annual income of $73,000. Note that people who choose this career path do not charge their clients an hourly fee. Rather, they attain a percentage of the client's compensation when she or he receives punitive damages.

The personal injury cases that these lawyers may deal with are wide-reaching. For example, they can pertain to injuries that result in the death of a family member, cases of assault and battery, slander, and product fault and liability. If you’re unsure of this career path, you might want to try interning for someone like Knochel Law Offices PC or a similar firm


People who are fascinated by the human body or love exploring the physiological sector and how it can be optimized may want to pursue a career as a surgeon. In addition to being an intellectually intriguing field, people who work in this sector can attain incredibly competitive salaries. Specifically, the average income for individuals who develop careers in this sector is $247,520. The work of the surgeon includes opening people's bodies up to correct deformities, diseases, and injuries. Surgeons undergo rigorous training to ensure that they can complete their jobs with excellence. After completing a bachelor's, the surgeon will enter a surgical residency program. The minimum time for completion of the program is five years.


People who choose this field will be excited to know that the average annual income in this sector is $221,390. Another encouraging number is the projected growth rate within the field, which is 18%. The primary role of the orthodontist is to construct beautiful smiles by realigning any crooked teeth and/or fixing irregular bites. The primary solutions for these issues are braces and retainers. 

Four career titles that can lead to lucrative salaries include the anesthesiologist, personal injury lawyer, surgeon, and orthodontist. Pursue any of these vocational paths now to ensure that you can attain an excellent economic future!


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