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(Jan 23, 2009) It's a downturn. Skinnying back means letting go of the niceties of outsourced web work. This week, I've been learning how to do my own IT. I used to do it; made enough money not to and have started again.

It's easier to be your own tech guy today than it was 15 years ago. HTML nearly writes itself. All you have to do is figure out the nuances of a couple of pieces of software,

I'm using Google Apps, Wordpress, and Gmail. I'm looking for a good piece of mail list software (any suggestions?). I'm thinking about using the Salesfoce.com integration with Google Apps (for CRM) but I'm open to suggestion. There are several thousand relationships that I need to track and manage fdr everything from email lists to schedule coordination.

With downturns come liberations. As I get used to doing it myself, I'm reminded of the explosion of creativity that happens each time we go through this cycle. It's no surprise that my phone is ringing with calls from new vendors entering the space and old friends with new ventures. I really get excited about seeing new products and talking with the people who build them.

This week, I spent some time on the phone with Dimitri Boylan and Mike Johnson from Avature. Mike was my second experiment with the Spend an Hour with... project. We talked last week for an hour. This phone call with Mike and Dimitri was an outgrowth of the first conversation.

If you're a regular on RBC, you've certainly seen Avature's investment in the community in the form of various ads and sponsorships. They realize that we're a group on the cutting edge and look to set their agenda by having a conversation with us. More than anyone I've spoken with, they understand the idea of community engagement as a marketing strategy. (Oh, by the way, they sponsor the Spend An Hour with... project.)

But, I had no idea what Avature did.

Last week, during our conversation, Mike gave me a tour through the basic Avature toolset. It's a Software as a Service CRM package designed for Recruiters who want to build relationships with their candidate pool. It's slick, fast, flexible and comprehensive. Mike and Dimitri know about the ATS marketplace. It shows in the product.

There's a weird relationship between extended good times and complacency. It seems like success always produces the seeds of its own downfall. And, it's the downfall that produces real transformative renewal.

Have you noticed the bursts of energy around RBC? Redesigns, new careers, renewed passion and commitment. As our colleagues meet the challenges of changing times, they are doing amazing things.

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