Diversity, HR and Technology: Social Media Planning

Susan Hand’s Tips on Social Media

1) Decide! Do it, or decide not to do it. Don’t over think getting involved, learning about it, just start investigating today. If it is fear holding you back or lack of time, start one day at a time.

2) Think and plan! Have a goal and stick to it.

3) Research and Discover! Know what you want to use the resource for and the audience you want to develop or discover. Does that social media site operate in the manner you operate? i.e., What do you want to communicate, and to whom you want to communicate. Can the site target that audience and allow you to send that communication? If not don’t use it.

4) Involve the stakeholders! It takes a village, and that village better have the heads up or it could turn into a disaster. Is management on board; how about marketing? See Tip Seven (7) be safe. Also think about others and diversify. Do you have a fairly senior user, as well as a non-technical person on your team that can add value? Have you thought about language and culture barriers? Do you have other ways to connect the message—in print, or audio? See Tip Nine (9).

5) Get Organized! Whom is going to update, what is going to be delivered, where are the sites located, how often will you be monitoring, and how much money, time and effort will be used?

6) Be Smart! You don’t have to be an expert, the tutorials and help on each of the sites can guide you through it. But make sure you know enough about the tools etc, to be sure you are adequately and safely posting information.

7) Be Safe! If you are using the sites for business, make sure you have set guidelines—think about whom you want speaking for your team, business or company. Can individuals post, or is it organized through a department. If using it for personal business make sure you follow safety guidelines and keep personal information private.

8) Make it easy and attainable! Are there resources that can automate the effort? Are you going to update once a week? Whatever fits with your goal and is attainable should be scheduled.

9) Think of Others! This is really about more than accessibility for all it’s also about thinking beyond what you know. Diversify! Make sure you are accessible. Plan what you can. Is there an application that can convert text or pictures into audio? Are you connected to networks that can support your employees, audience, and consumers? Are you connected to networks that are not aligned with your values?

10) Be True to yourself, business and values.

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