Doing Business with Arnold Schwarzenegger - Success is being Resourceful

Do you remember learning how to ride your bide? Sure, you faltered a few times, fell off, and scraped your knees. But, it wasn’t long before you were soaring on two wheels! Riding a bike for most of us was achieving a big goal. Maybe our first taste of success. Success is as simple as riding a bike.

You Can Do It With What You Have

Sam, a kid from my neighborhood, received a brand new bike. My brother and I, on the other hand, put my bike together from used parts.

Sam was very proud of his new bike, and he wanted to challenge someone to a race around the block. I accepted the challenge and won. That left an indelible impression on me about resources. I discovered that it’s all about what you do with what you have. And it taught me this: Whatever you have NOW is all you need to get you to the Next step.

You don't ALWAYS need money or contacts or whatever you need to be more resourceful.

Let me give you another personal example. We needed to buy a house, but we were limited financially at the time. I retained the services of a real estate agent and began the process of looking for a new home. I didn’t tell the agent that we had less than $800 in our savings account at the time. Within a short time, we found a home and made an a ridiculous offer. We wanted the seller to pay our down payment and all our costs. The agent requested $1,000 earnest money to complete the required paperwork. It was $1,000 we simply didn’t have, so I turned him down. I never explained our financial situation but quietly wrote a $100 check. The agent thought I was kidding. He explained that in his 15 years of selling real estate, he had never seen a deal go through with $100 earnest money. I insisted that he try, and the agent wrote the contract. A few days later our offer was accepted. So the lesson is NOT to focus on what you don't have but being more resourceful with what DO you have, asking for the outrageous - works, taking action despite of having all the answers - works!

Need one more example? I wanted to take over Carolco Pictures, Inc., Carolco had produced some of the highest revenue grossing movies ever made, including Terminator 2, Basic Instinct, Cliffhanger, Total Recall and the Rambo series. But now, they were broke and had been delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. I had met with their CFO and quickly realized I need lots of money and some big names to help pull this off. Arnold Schwarzenegger quickly came to mind; only one problem I don't personally know Arnold and even worst he has no clue I exist. Want to know how I met and pitched my deal to Arnold? The simple strategy I used will blow you away and the results will surprise you.

Come back next week and find out for yourself. Yeah that's right. I want you to come back next week and discover how a simple strategy has allowed me to meet and connect with some of the most powerful people in the world. From doing business to being invited to prestigious events and award shows - this strategy works! Learning this very simple strategy will be worth your time.

Until next week - You Were Created to Succeed!

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Comment by Hassan Rizwan on September 7, 2009 at 12:22am
Wow! cannot be a better and an exciting story :). Bert i wish you had mentioned the second example in the first place. However i m dieing to know your strategy to get Arnold on board. Be quick with your second post :)


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