It's no secret that I'm in love with technology. I enjoy getting my hands on the newest gadgets, widgets, apps and devices that are available and figuring out how they work - or just enjoying what they do. I've been known to go a few sleepless nights here and there just because there weren't enough hours in the day to wrap my head around a new RSS tool or CMS or mobile app. Because of this, I've earned a bit of a reputation with friends and family as the "go-to guy" when they have a question around technology or an issue getting something to work. I've come to realize recently that a fair percent of the dozen or so emails I get each week from are asking for my opinion or thoughts on how a particular bit of tech works or what the latest app or tech is on the scene.

While I was at ERE last week I had quite a few conversations around technology with various recruiters and sourcers - with a solid share of them being around what the latest technology will be. And while flattered that anyone would ask me about my opinion on the subject (this still blows me away) I became a little more concerned that people were more eager to talk about "what" than the "how" or "why" around technology for recruitment. It's true, I've been ADHLAS (Attention Deficit Hey Look A Squirrel) my whole life - but when it comes down to picking a technology for recruiting and recruitment marketing I think there are a few things that deserve laser focus.

We have to first ask ourselves what's driving the need for that change or technology. For me, I keep a few things on the front of my lobe while cruising through feeds and the late night web... The demand and experience of a Customer (aka: Passive/Active Job Seekers) are as large, if not larger, as any other concern. Am I a huge advocate of mobile recruiting just because it's new and sexy? Nope - those are just bonuses. There is data that supports the mobile vision and already we see users that support the actions. You don't have to dig hard to find it, but you do need a bit of radical thinking to break through on an approach like this sometimes.

All things considered, the more personalized and immediate the return to a passive or active job seeker (aka: Customer) the more likely they are to take the desired action. We've seen this in recruiting initiatives ranging from customized Search Engine Marketing based on profile data or search terms to Micro-sites for jobs to Mobile pages and apps. Quite frankly, the demand for new ways to interact is always present - and new tech approaches are never in short supply. But are we asking ourselves if the new approach is cool and sexy because it meets a specific need or gap... or is it an approach we're considering because we are just yearning for something new?

As a side note... all things come back to measurement - whether we're measuring scope, engagement or return. To validate or improve something, it must be measured.

In short, we need to remember the customer (aka: Passive/Active Job Seekers.) While we as recruiters and recruitment marketers ultimately work for our clients/hiring managers - our effectiveness is pivotal on how successful we are with the passive and active job seekers (aka: Customers.) With this in mind, what I'd like to see more of in our industry would be questions around "how" a new technology or tool would improve the job seeker experience or "why" a new technology might make sense to investigate or execute.

Note: In case you missed it... Passive/Active Job Seekers = Recruitment Customers (think about it.)

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