Don't Just Pat a Veteran On The Back: Do One Better-Give them A Job!

Don’t just thank a Military Veteran, do one better give them a job. They served our Country, and laid their lives on the line for us. The least we can do is hire them, welcome them, and honor their selfless service.

Our differently abled Americans need recruiters, and hiring managers to value their talent. Our veterans and differently abled workforce become invisible, they fall through the cracks sight unseen. Yet, their voices must be heard. They WILL be heard on an upcoming episode of Compassionate HR with Josh LeTourneau, Gerry Crispin, Steve Levy, and Dave Mendoza. Please read Josh’s Post From Fistful Of Talent.

He articulates the importance of coaching veterans how to interview. He articulates how we can support our vets through transition. Josh, Gerry, Dave and Steve are on to something here. Their work is groundbreaking and I invite each of you to get involved (call to action time). Read Gerry Crispin’s inspirational article, he invites us to join a worthy survey effort regarding the disability candidate experience. Imagine, being in a wheel chair, arriving on time for an interview, only to find you can’t make it up the stairs? Let’s change that.

Our workforce can only be strengthened when we put our differently abled veterans to work.

The Disabled American's are Differently Abled-Not Dis-Abled. They have strong skills and are worthy of a great job!

Many of our veterans have been rendered with disabilities by wars. They are NOT disabled. They are differently abled perhaps, and they deserve our respect. Our veterans, and people of different ability are still strong and capable human beings who can an want to work.

Don’t patronize a disabled American, hire them; they are gifted, and able human beings. A poignant article by the reports that The Federal Government is not doing enough to attract retain, and accommodate these incredi...

Don’t just thank a Military Veteran, do one better give them a job. They served our Country, and laid their lives on the line for us. The least we can do is hire them, welcome them, and honor their selfless service. I realize I’ve said this already in this post, but it’s worth repeating.

Unfortunately, many erroneous perceptions exist about their plight. For instance when a military veteran, fresh from the field returns homes, the business community doesn’t welcome them with open arms. As Steve Levy said on my show last week, “Hiring managers are afraid they are going to go postal,” whatever that means: it’s hogwash. Levy started a movement, 1000 recruiters of light. Veterans will be paired with a recruiter and will receive one to one coaching on how to get prepared to re-enter the workforce. Gerry Crispin and Dave Mendoza have embarked on a similar mission, and are working tirelessly to mentor, help and find jobs for our military veterans.

Today, and everyday ask yourself, what can I do empower our gifted, all too often invisible veterans and disabled workers in transition?

Please comment, share an experience. If you are a veteran, share your thoughts. Your voice is important to me. You matter in my life. And, if no one has told you “I care about you,” today, let me be the first,


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Comment by Pat Meehan on April 25, 2010 at 4:19pm
Great Blog Post!
Comment by Marie Journey on April 27, 2010 at 10:49am
Margo ~ 5 Stars for spreading the news about a wonderful movement that everybody can join by giving a bit of time, reaching out to our networks, and remembering those that have given more of themselves than we can imagine.
Comment by Margo Rose on April 27, 2010 at 12:06pm
Pat and Marie, 1000 Recruiters of Light movement is not just something I believe in, it is something that I will promote with all my heart and energy. As a Board Member of HeartPrints ( helping our military vets receiving job search coaching, and recruitment support is something we should weave into our Mission. I'm planning to suggest that we adopt 1000 Recruiters Of Light receive our support. I appreciate you reading this post.


HRMargo Rose
Comment by John Heffron on April 27, 2010 at 12:07pm
Excelletn thoughts. We are trying very hard to get on top of this movement as an organization. Here is another good article by SHRM Chairman Van Cleave in the Huffington Post.
Comment by Margo Rose on April 27, 2010 at 12:14pm
Great Article John. I agree, we must do more to help our differently abled veterans find jobs. Many military vets, fresh off the battlefield are workforce ready. All we have to do is give them a chance. The leadership skills they learn are unsurpassed. The competitive intelligence abilities they learn during service is bound to help any employer. I'm touched that you took the time out of your busy day to connect with me. I hope I get to meet you at an upcoming conference.


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