Download YOWhatsApp Latest Version For Android 2021

YOWhatsApp Version 8.95 (2021) comes out with amazing new options (Includes Anti Ban). The good news is that Yousef Al-Basha has added new features in each update of YOWA app. This time, you'll get the exclusive features. Also, download YoWhatsApp apk the latest version on this page and use the application.

Today, a variety of third-party WhatsApp apps are accessible online. Most users search or get GBWhatsApp as well as WhatsApp Plus. These apps offer additional features over WhatsApp, the original WhatsApp application. Also, YOWA is another modded WhatsApp application that offers extra features, like other mod applications. If you're searching for the most current version of YOWhatsApp is on the right track. You can download or update it here. Keep in mind, like GBWhatsApp as well as WhatsApp and more, YOWhatsApp is not an official application.

WhatsApp is among the top and most popular messaging apps, with over 1 billion active users. The app is now replacing an SMS-based service. The official app comes with a variety of features. You can send messages videos, documents, and images within a matter of minutes. Additionally, WhatsApp added new features with each update. However, most users are seeking new features. The problem is that Whatsapp has a limited number of features. Therefore, third-party, and modified WhatsApp versions WhatsApp are very popular since they meet the requirements of the users.

There are a lot of WhatsApp tips and tricks to be found and you can accomplish much more using its official application. It is possible to change the WhatsApp theme, alter WhatsApp's theme, change the WhatsApp text colour set the length of videos in WhatsApp status and so much more using an official application. If you just wish to run 2 WhatsApp account on one device, you don't require a moderating Whatsapp application. Since, in the present there are many mobile providers that offer an inbuilt option to allow this. However, there are many more advantages to using this app mod.

About Whatsapp APK of YOWhatsapp

YOWhatsApp Download is a modified variant of the WhatsApp application that has additional features. It was developed by Yousef Al-Basha (A famous name in the mod Apk's the world of mod apk) and the name of the app is derived from the developer's name. However, the Official name of YOWhatsApp is YOWA The word Yo is derived from the name of the developer and WA is derived from the WhatsApp word.

YoWA offers themes, an inbuilt application lock feature, the ability to send messages with no saving your mobile phone number to contacts, and increase the size of files, and so on. You can also hide the last looked at blue tick, double tick, as well as other privacy options. YOWhatsApp is identical to WhatsApp as well as WhatsApp Plus. However, there are some features that are distinct between the three applications. There is no need to jailbreak your Android phone to install these apps.

Most users use modded versions of WhatsApp to access several WhatsApp accounts from the exact same gadget. Additionally, some users wish to expand their file size limitations and YoWhatsApp and similar modded versions are able to do this easily.

In addition to these functions, it lets you change the WhatsApp default color to green. If you're bored of the green color you can use the most recent version of yowa, and alter the whole look of the app. It is also ideal for people who like emojis because it includes a emoji version.

Important: YoWhatsApp is a third-party application, and it is not available on the Google Play Store. Downloading apps from unknown sources or on the internet are not secure to protect your privacy and security. Thus, use this application to your risk.

Requirements to Download and Install YoWhatsApp

You can download this application across all Android devices, and it has the same requirements as those of the officially licensed WhatsApp application. Below is a essential prerequisites.

  • Requires Google OS Version 4.0 or higher.
  • Connectivity to the Internet. Internet Connection.
  • Mobile Number for account creation.
  • To install it on your PC it requires an Android simulator application such as Bluestack.

Download YoWhatsApp APK for Android

We will always offer the most recent version of YoWhatsApp. YoWA Apk. This means that you can download the most recent version 8.95 of the YoWhatsApp application by clicking the following link. This version is updated with an Anti-Ban feature. Additionally, you can save this page to be notified of the next updates. If you encounter any issues you're having, let us know in the comments section.

What's New in YoWhatsAppAPK?

NOTE: YOWA app development was stopped by its initial designer (Yousef Al Basha). The most up-to-date update comes from Fouad Mods. You could also try YoWhatsapp-Heymods.

Here is a list of features added to YOWA the most recent update. It is only the changelog for the latest update. It is possible to look over every YoWhatsapp features below the list of changes.

  • Base Updated up to most recent version (
  • Watch and view images or videos to view them for an unlimited number of times.
  • All dialogs in dark/light theme mode.
  • Screen for locking (pin as well as pattern) Redesign.
  • One UI design that auto-responds and a message scheduler added.
  • Re-introduced Profile picture saving option.
  • Download the story using copies and share options.
  • The voice changer has been updated with translations.
  • You can block privacy terms notice messages without agreeing to the universal settings.
  • Theme auto dark and light.
  • Voice changer is now available for voice notes.
  • The row of archives on the home screen displays theme color.
  • You can view stickers prior to sending them.
  • Now you can delete emojis packs.
  • Copy the title of the post.
  • Option added to download theme from a ZIP file.
  • Add Online/Offline dot as well as mentioned mark.
  • The message option disappears.
  • The blue tick has been added to the reply for groups.
  • New custom wallpaper User Interface.
  • Search feature has been improved.
  • Option to eliminate "Read more" to show the entire message.
  • New 14 ticks styleadded, 5 entries and 16 bubbles added.
  • New attachment has animation added to it.
  • The option has been added for enabling or disable the new UI for attachments.
  • Change online toast location.
  • The addition of the "New" word next to the new bubbles, ticks and entries.
  • Option to allow chats and group chats separately with no IG stories.
  • A Single UI Design.
  • New styles have been added to IG story.
  • The new theme includes a night and light default theme.
  • Color options are added to Ig stories elements.
  • A new UI style for the top bar in the application.
  • A new interface was added to enable theme mode and airplane modes.
  • Animation of the plane mode icons.
  • Animation of long names within the head.
  • New UI for adding status or story from IG.
  • Separate chats and group discussions to two screens. (Optional for group discussions)
  • New font previews for improved fonts.
  • Switch theme mode stores the settings for later restoration.
  • Status is fixed, disappears application is not installed, fingerprint timeout 2, hide 2nd tick stickers appear in gallery, blurry description of group.
  • You can also use the built-in phone Emojis.
  • The option was added to download Emojis from YoSettings.
  • Add bottom bar style options to the Home UI.
  • Dark theme for the app and YoSettings.
  • The app has been updated to include WhatsApp fingerprint-based UI.
  • Option to add top view action with a swipe of the chat row on the home screen.
  • Apk size decreased to 33MB.
  • Click added to indicate the status as viewed.
  • Enable 5-minute status/story.
  • Increased - Delete time up to 100 days.
  • The forward limit was increased to 250.
  • The option has been added for going to the first chat message chat.
  • Additional Ani Ban was added.
  • Common issues fixed, such as widget crashes, app crashes problems with disk space, and app crash.
  • YoMods Settings Layout/Design.
  • Live previews added to help you see the color changes.
  • Airplane Mode is a way to deactivate Whatsapp.
  • To hide hidden chat, use the home counters that are unread, and move to the screen.
  • Now, you can clean the database backup files.
  • Corrected Recording crashed, deleted message icon not appearing icons for the white theme, Google errors with play services and insufficient space problems with messages.
  • Custom online toasting features are available for particular contacts.
  • Contact statuses with incorrect emojis corrected.
  • Option added to alter the color of the icon for deleted messages.
  • New icons have been added.
  • The color of the background of the widget.
  • Option to secure preview after choosing the wallpaper.
  • Fingerprint lock for chat threads, or application.
  • Language translation - Indonesian language added.
  • Status splitter built-in allows videos to be split in 30 seconds.
  • Old iOS Emojis are added.
  • Option to check how many times you have forwarded the same message.
  • New feature to fast forward. Utilizing the commonly forward feature you can forward messages by tapping one button for messages that you forward more than five times.
  • Unnoticed archived chats were not filtered out of notification settings.
  • Today, the Emoji changer app's size is 45MB.
  • The 5-minute status option was removed.
  • Anti-ban measures improved.
  • Improvements in app performance and opening time.
  • All Bugs was fixe

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Features Of YOWhatsapp

Here is a table of YoWhatsApp features. But many features are similar to WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus. However, there are some distinctive and innovative features accessible in this application.

  1. Send large media files One of the major disadvantages of the official WhatsApp is that it limits the size of files. But you can still transmit audio, documents video, images, and other files via WhatsApp. However, with this application you can also send videos that are up to 700 MB. If you're looking to share large files via WhatsApp then you must consider this application.
  2. Send Images without Compression: When you share an image via WhatsApp it will reduce the size and quality. With YOWhatsApp you can send photos with no compression. However, this feature isn't very helpful. Since it is possible to upload a full-size image using the WhatsApp's official WhatsAppsoftware.
  3. New Privacy Options However, WhatsApp introduced new privacy features in its recent updates. However, with YoWhatsapp you'll see many more privacy options. These features for privacy are beneficial. You can hide/show the last seen date doubly ticks and blue ticks’ on-line status, status of typing as well as recording state.
  4. An in-built application lock Most users have installed third-party app lock applications to secure WhatsApp. WhatsApp application. However, WhatsApp has its own built-in app lock feature. You can also secure the entire app as well as lock chat threads for individual contacts. It also supports Password, Pattern, Pin as well as Fingerprint Lock.
  5. Create, change, and save Themes: When you use YoWhatsApp you can alter the theme. This is very useful, as everyone likes themes and has a distinct preference for colors. In addition, you can create your personal themes and then save them to the format of a zip file. The saved theme can be used across different mobiles. But WhatsApp doesn't provide any theme options. However, here's how to change the WhatsApp themes and colours.
  6. Send a Message to a Number If you choose this option, you can send an email to any number, without saving on your contact lists. You can send messages to any number registered with WhatsApp.
  7. WhatsApp Media Files from gallery: It is possible to block WhatsApp photos along with Videos in the gallery. But you can also block WhatsApp media images from the gallery using the application for managing files. This option is not difficult to do.
  8. Convert Video to GIF up to 30 seconds: WhatsApp allows up to 6 seconds of video to convert to GIF. However, in YoWhatsApp you can convert videos into GIFfor up to 30 seconds.
  9. Show Blue Ticks Following Respond: This is very useful. Since your friend will only be able to see blue ticks after you respond.
  10. New features: Yousef Al-Basha updated YoWA as soon as there was an official Whatsapp update was made available on the PlayStore. This means that you can enjoy the latest features of WhatsApp without having to worry about it.
  11. Background Option for Images: You can choose any image to use as the background of your chat in this application. If you're a fan of customization this feature is ideal for you. It can also improve your interaction with friends.
  12. The Call Block option: If you're exhausted of WhatsApp calls, this option will leave you satisfied. Sometimes, someone is annoyed by making calls on WhatsApp and you are unable to stop a specific person on WhatsApp from making calls. However, if you're using the Yousef YOWA app it is possible to block calls of certain contacts.
  13. Chat Bubble You can alter the chat display however you like. After having the feature of theme, it's yet another option for those who love customization.
  14. Navigation bar in white color: If your phone is running Android 8.0 or greater You can alter the color of the navigation bar. If you're running an earlier version of Android, it is not possible to use this option.
  15. Emoji variations: Well, many emojis enthusiasts are enthralled by this mod app because of the emoji variations. Emojis can be changed in design using YoWhatsApp. It is compatible with iOS, Facebook, Twitter, Emoji one, and Android Emojis with style variations.
  16. Copy Chat Conversations without Date/Time in the official WhatsApp application when you copied the chat it would copy both the time and date of the conversation automatically. However, YoWA removes this option and allows you to copy the chat with no date or time.
  17. Zoom Profile Photo The profile picture isn't zoomable. expand the size of your profile image in the official application. However. YoWA lets you zoom the profile image by the double-tap on it.

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