Instructions For Design Pooja rooms in small spaces

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In earlier times, almost every house in India had a Pooja room. Be that as it may, with the cutting edge urban lifestyle that includes tiny box-like apartments, frequently the home's layout doesn't include a pooja area. Is it possible to incorporate a pooja space into a cutting edge apartment or house, regardless of whether one wasn't planned? What rooms are best for including a Pooja cabinet or mandir? What materials are best for Pooja rooms? We present tips on everything you have to know about current pooja room designs in apartments and small houses, including Vastu Shastra tips on what's ideal.

Can I have a Pooja room in the living room?

If the architect didn't reserve a particular area for the Pooja space, then one has to find an alternate area in the home to install it. The living room is a magnificent choice for it, especially if one can find a corner in the northeast direction to locate the pooja rack or cabinet. If the northeast isn't available, then either the east or the west walls are the following best choices. Place the idols in the east or the west with the goal that sunlight invigorates the space every day. When looking at Pooja room ideas in living rooms, guarantee that the area has sufficient privacy. One can do this by installing a partition or a glass sliding door to hide the area when it's not in use.

If no niche or corner is available for the Pooja room in the living room, consider placing the idols on floating racks or in an unattached mandir unit. Guarantee that the pooja space doesn't share a wall with a bathroom. Additionally, it shouldn't be above or underneath a toilet in the house.

Is a dining room a suitable location for a Pooja room?

Like the living room, one can utilize a dining area to install a pooja room. In fact, according to vastu for puja room, if the northeast direction of an apartment or house is not free for the pooja space, then one can have it in any other room with the exception of the bedrooms, toilets, and storeroom to avoid negative vitality from invading the pooja space.

Installing a Pooja room in the kitchen

In some apartments and houses, one has no alternative than to incorporate the pooja space in a cabinet or corner of the kitchen. While it's not ideal to have it in the kitchen, there's no harm in doing so. In any case, it's essential to know about the rules and regulations regarding the location of the unit in relation to the stove, garbage bin, and water source to guarantee that the positivity of the Pooja room is not compromised.

Like with other areas, the northeast direction is the ideal place for the mandir. It shouldn't be above the sink or stove. The design of the mandir or cabinet ought to allow closing the doors when it is not in use to shield it from negative vitality.

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