Employee Positions You Need to Fill ASAP in Your SaaS Company

When you first launch a SaaS company, often, you and a handful of partners, if you have them, will likely take care of all the tasks required to get the business off the ground. Over time, though, as the company grows, you’ll need to bring on expert helping hands to manage the workload.

SaaS sales job recruiting services can assist you in identifying the professionals who will help your business transition from a startup into a full-fledged enterprise. If you’ve already entered the phase where you need to onboard new workers, here are the employee positions you need to fill ASAP in your SaaS company.

Customer Success Manager

The customer success manager will be the front-facing employee interacting with clients to build relationships, manage technical issues as they pop up, and build your brand.

Accordingly, a customer success manager should have strong interpersonal skills in addition to the hard knowledge of how your software works. Specifically, the customer success manager is tasked with increasing the net promoter score.

Marketing Manager

Obviously, growing the business hinges on getting more paying customers on board. While the customer success manager is in charge of maintaining client relations, the marketing manager’s role is to identify and successfully recruit new clients into the service.

Examples of marketing manager activities include creating email marketing campaigns, posting across multiple social media channels, and generating leads through other means.

Chief Technical Officer

Most SaaS startups develop their own proprietary software that requires a knowledgeable technician to maintain. While many SaaS entrepreneurs have the capacity to do this job on their own, the reality is that, as the business owner, you will be busy with other tasks to grow the business. Accordingly, you may not have time to devote to the technical side of upkeep and troubleshooting. That’s where a chief technical officer comes in.

Product Designer

A product designer will make your brand sparkle. By building wireframes and prototypes and optimizing the experience of the client through analytics, the product designer will streamline the front-end experience and ensure that clients remain satisfied and, ultimately, stick with your software.

While these employees will certainly represent an initial cost to your operation expenses, building a team of professionals to service your software infrastructure and clients will pay dividends in the long run. Over time, you will likely need to add more employees than these four, but in the initial phases of an SaaS startup, these will be the basic building blocks for a successful venture.

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